Why was Joseph not present when Jesus was preaching?

The author of Mark's Gospel, the first gospel to be written, seems not evn to have known that Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus. Some have speculated that a tradition quickly grew that Jesus' father was called Joseph because Joseph of Arimathea, who was of course unrelated, took the responsibility of a father to bury Jesus after the crucifixion. However none of the gospels mentions Joseph except as the father of Jesus.

Some have speculated that this silence means that Joseph died soon after the birth of Jesus, or at least soon after the birth of his other children, the brothers and sisters of Jesus. A few scholars, noting the absence of any mention of Joseph in Mark, are uncertain whether he really existed. The other gospel writers relied directly or indirectly on Mark for everything they knew about the life of Jesus, and would appear to have had no other source on which they could base this information, apart from newly created tradition.