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At that time , the 1964 Presidential election , winning 61 % of the vote was unprecedented ; a landslide .


Johnson was hung with that name in 1948, after being elected as the Democratic candidate for the senate by the narrowest margin in the history of Texas... as far away from a Landslide as anyone had ever come and still been elected.

He won the primary by 87 votes, in an election where over a million votes were cast statewide.

That is why he came to be called Landslide Lyndon, the same way really huge men are sometimes nicknamed "Tiny".

This was a tongue-in-cheek nickname given to him after he was voted in as the Democratic candidate for Senate in 1948, running against Coke Stevenson, the former Governor Of Texas.

One ballot box, in Precinct 13 of Alice, Texas, decided the primary race.

An election clerk later said that the voting roll for that precinct contained a lot of names in alphabetic sequence, many apparently in the same ink & handwriting, and a couple of which he knew personally to be dead.

Coke Stevenson took it to the election committee and federal court to have them decide the validity of the election but when a subpoena was issued for ballot box 13, it couldn't be found, and has never been found since.

It contained the voting roll in question, where the voters signed in before casting their ballots, along with the actual ballots.

It's believed that the margin of victory was provided by George Parr, popularly known as "The Duke Of Duval County", who had his enforcer, Luis Salas (also an election judge), cast over 200 ballots for Johnson on behalf of "nonvoters" in the 13th precinct, several days after the polls had closed.

Being the Election Judge for that precinct, he also certified the votes.

Salas admitted to this in to The Associated Press in a 1977 interview with Jim Mangan, the AP's Texas bureau chief at the time. Parr was dead and the statute of limitations had kicked in by then.

In 1948, the votes were counted by people looking at physical pieces of paper and tallying them by hand, so it took a while to determine who had actually won an election.

Johnson had that nickname as a senator,

There is a photo around that shows Parr and Salas with feet up on the bumper of a 1940's Olds, or Chevy out in an open field somewhere, with a wooden box on it's hood, between them.

Supposedly that WAS Ballot Box 13, and speculation is that it was put into a small hole dug in the ground, burned completely, then the ashes buried.

This photo was shown on TV to an interviewer by John Connally, shortly before his death.

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Q: Why was Lyndon Johnson referred to as Landslide Lyndon?
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Who was elected by a record landslide in 1964?

Lyndon Johnson

Was Lyndon B. Johnson ever elected for the second time?

Yes he was he was also known as "Landslide" Lyndon. He won the presidency over Goldwater by a landslide (hence the name) in 1964

Who ran against Barry Goldwater?

Lyndon Johnson won a landslide victory against Goldwater in 1964.

When Was Lyndon B. Johnson elected?

Lyndon Baines Johnson became president on November 22nd, 1963, just a few hours after John Kennedy was assassinated. Lyndon Johnson was sworn in by Sarah T. Hughes on Air Force 1. He defeated Senator Barry Goldwater in a landslide in 1964.

What is president Lyndon Johnson nickname?

His nickname was Landslide Lyndon, a result of winning a Democratic primary in 1949 by 87 votes, out of over a million votes cast. It was the narrowest margin, farthest thing from a landslide victory that anyone had ever had and still won in the history of Texas politics.

When did Lyndon Baines Johnson decide to enter politics and why?

Johnson entered politics in 1931, with an unsuccessful run against W. Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel, the only person to ever beat Lyndon in an election, and who lost to Lyndon in the infamous 1949 Senate primary, where the term "Landslide Lyndon" originated. Johnson was first elected a Congressman in April of 1937. Senator in 1949, and Vice President in 1961.

Is Lyndon Johnson single?

No, Lyndon Johnson is not single.

Which U.S. president waged a war on poverty?

Lyndon Johnson referred to his package of social and economic aid to the poor as a war on poverty. Some say that poverty won the war.

What are some nicknames of Lyndon B. Johnson?

LBJ and "Landslide Lyndon" (he received this derogatory nickname because he won the Texas Senate Democratic Primary Race by a mere 48 votes over Coke Stevenson)

Was landslide Lyndon the nick name for Lyndon Johnson after the 1964 election?

It was in use before the 1964 election. When he first got elected to the US Senate, he won by 87 votes, and later 202 votes have been confirmed to be fraudulent (meaning he shouldn't have got in), so earned the ironic nickname of Landslide Lyndon, which came true for real in the 1964 election.

What is Lyndon Johnson's occupation?

Lyndon Johnson is a/an Politician,teacher

What was Lyndon B Johnson full name?

Lyndon Baines Johnson

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