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MVP was unhappy with his contract and he asked for his release and was it was granted. It is said that he left on good terms.

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Q: Why was MVP released from his WWE contract?
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How did mvp get into WWE?

He signed a multi million dollar contract ...thats it.....thats why his name is MVP.

Why did mvp quit WWE?

He didnt quit he got released

Is MVP coming back to WWE in 2011?

no he has been released

Is findlay retired from WWE?

No, he got released from his WWE contract

What happened to scotty 2 hotty?

His Name is "Scotty 2 Hotty". The WWE Released him from his Contract.

Why did snitsky get released from the WWE?

Snitsky's Got Released From WWE Because His Contract Had Expired.

Did mvp retire?

no but he said, he did want a contract release, his WWE Contract released on December 2, 2010 because he said he spent too long in WWE. MVP also said he may or may not go to TNA or MMA. but will make his return, when his ready. he and other WWE Superstars and diva's were released such as: 1. Luke Gallows 2. Vance Archer 3. Tiffany 4. Zack Ryder 5. Curt Hawkins 6.Caylon Croft 7. Marshall Red Horne

Why did bogeyman leave WWE?

Unfortunatley he was released from his contract in 08.

Did WWE fire Mr. Kennedy?

No, WWE did not fire Mr. Kennedy. He was released from his WWE contract.

Did maria quit the WWE?

On February 26 Maria was released from her wwe contract.

Why was Christy Hemme released by WWE?

== == == == her contract expired and wwe didnt resign her

Where is WWE's Maria?

Maria was released from her WWE contract on February 26, 2010.