Why was Molly Hays important?

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Who is molly hays?

Molly Hays is Mary Ludwig Hays.

Why did Mary Ludwig Hays get her nickname molly pitcher?

How did Mary Ludwig Hays get her nickname "Molly Pitcher"? h

Who did Molly Pitcher Mary?

William Hays.

What did Molly Pitcher hays do for a living?


What was Molly Pitcher's husband's name?

John Hays

How did molly Hays die?

She died of skin cancer

What was Molly Pitcher's personality?

Mary Hays McCauly

What is Mary Hays MCCauleys nickname?

Molly Pitcher

Did Molly Pitcher have kids?

No, Molly Pitcher (Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley) did not have children, even though she did have a husband, John Hays, who was killed. Shortly after, she remarried McCauley.

When was Molly Pitcher married first?

Molly Pitcher was first married in 1770. To William Hays.

Did molly pitcher have kid's?

yes,molly pitcher had one kid named john hays

Who was Molly Pitchers husband?

she had two husbands the first one was John hays. john hays died in a war,he died in 1789 not long after his death molly pitcher married George Macaulay he was not so nice to molly

What was Molly Pitchers sons name?

Mary Ludwig Hays is often referred to as Molly Pitcher. It is recorded that she one son, Johanes or John, with her first husband, William Hays.

How did Mary hays get her nickname Molly Pitcher?

Mary Hays McCauley carried water in a pitcher to thirsty soldiers.

Who was nicknamed Molly Pitcher?

Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley :)

What is Molly Pitchers real name?

Mary Ludwing Hays

What was Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley's Nickname?

Molly Pitcher

What is Molly Pitchers sons name?

John L. Hays

What was the nickname given to Mary Ludwig hays?

Molly Pitcher

Who did molly pitcher go into war with?

Her husband,John Hays

What was Molly Pitchers kids names?

Molly Pitcher, the heroine of the Battle of Monmouth, was actually named Mary Ludwig McCauley or Mary Hays. She had one son name John Hays.

What was Molly Pitcher's real name?

Her real name was Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley.

Who was Molly Pitcher's husband?

Mary Ludwig Hays (Molly Pitcher) had two husbands. The first, William Hays, died at the battle of Monmouth. Her second husband, John Mcauley, she married later on.

How many kids did Molly Pitcher have?

molly did have kids she had 1 his name is john l hays and he was born in 1780.

What year did molly pitcher die?

The Mary Ludwig Hays Molly Pitcher died on January 22, 1832.