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Mother Teresa was known as one of the most patient people in the world. This was because, as a devout Catholic nun who devoted her life to God's Will and His teachings, loving one another regardless of race, religion, sex, occupation and living conditions was a top priority.

Mother Teresa believed that to love people properly, especially those who suffered from the "greatest poverty of all" - the poverty of living unwanted and unloved - one had to be patient to let love blossom properly and fully; not only in the person who was willing to love another but in the person who was loved.

At the beginning of her career, many accused her of lying, saying that she was attempting to convert the Hindu people of the slums into Christianity. Mother Teresa learned that with patience, the truth would be eventually revealed.

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Q: Why was Mother Teresa patient?
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Mother Teresa is correct.

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Nirmala is the name of the successor of Mother Teresa, not the name of Mother Teresa.

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Mother Teresa to have them.

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Yes he was. Mother Teresa was the youngest of the three siblings.

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Dranafile Bojaxhiu was the name of Mother Teresa's mother.

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Mother Teresa had no downfall.

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No, Mother Teresa was a Catholic.

Was Mother Teresa a Canadian?

No, Mother Teresa was Albanian.

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No, Mother Teresa was Albanian.

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Blessed Mother Teresa does not have an "official" symbol.

Mother Teresa was beatified so does she still go by Mother Teresa?

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Mother Teresa lived the beatitudes.

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Mother Teresa was a Catholic.

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