Why was Netherland named Netherland?

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'Nederland' is an archaic Dutch word for 'low country'. 'The Low Countries' is an old term for the Netherlands and part of Belgium. Low Countries might refer to how low the Netherlands actually are: more than 50% of the Netherlands are below sea-level. The name could also refer to the countries being down-river: the river Rhine and some others have their delta in the Netherlands. It could also have been a geographical term to distinguish it from certain 'upper' countries.
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Where are the Netherlands?

Answer . The Netherlands is situated in northwest Europe with much of its coastline facing eastern England. Between the Netherlands and England you'll find the Northsea. The Netherlands lies to the west of Germany and to the north of Belgium. It's located at the Northwest of Europe North of Belgi ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of Netherlands?

Netherlands is the English translation of 'Nederland'. Nederlandliterally means 'low lying land' ('Neder' is an older word with thedefinition low and 'land' means land). The Netherlands arepartially located below sea level and that is the reason why it iscalled The Netherlands. In English and mult ( Full Answer )

Who was New Netherlands named after?

The New Netherlands on the eastern American coast was named after the country to which the explorers reported; the then Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. The name first appeared in 1614 on a map of the area surrounding the Hudson river.

What is the other name of Netherlands?

Answer . Holland!!!!!!!. Answer . Holland. Answer . Holland is often used as a synonym but it is only a part of the Netherlands. Hence Holland is not really correct to use instead of the Netherlands; it would exclude a lot of areas/people.. But whjat other countries are in there??????? ( Full Answer )

How did the Netherlands get its name?

It is a very old name. In dutch the Netherlands is Nederland, and sometimes people say 'De lage landen'. It 'Nederland' en 'De Lage Landen' means the same namely Low Lands. And that is because it is one of the lowest countries in the world, even below sea level.

Religions of Netherlands?

Netherlands have distinct percentages of religions, like RomanCatholic (25%), Irreligious (50%), Muslim (5%), Dutch ReformedChurch (7%), Protestant Church in the Netherlands (7%) and otherreligions (6%).

Good names for a male Netherland dwarf rabbit?

I don't know whether my rabbits are girls or boys yet so I called them lucky and fluffy because they can be for a girl or a boy. But anyway I think Bruno is a very nice male pet rabbit name.

What is classic Netherlands player names in pes 2009?

Ed de Goey - Frank de Boer - Jaap Stam - Michael Reiziger - Arthur Numan \n. Richard Witschge - ? - ? - Marc Overmars - Phillip Cocu - Dennis Bergkamp . Ed de Goey - Frank de Boer - Jaap Stam - Michael Reiziger - Arthur Numan \n. Richard Witschge - ? - ? - Marc Overmars - Phillip Cocu - Dennis B ( Full Answer )

Scientific name for a Netherland rabbit?

All domestic rabbits, including the Netherland Dwarf breed, belong to the European Rabbit species and their scientific name is Oryctolagus cuniculus . A wild rabbit species native to the Netherlands is the European Hare (actually a hare, not a rabbit - it's also known as the Brown Hare, Eastern Ja ( Full Answer )

Name for the Netherlands?

Holland is a very often, incorrectly used slang term for the Netherlands, as Holland is only a part of the Netherlands (also called a 'province')

Why are the Netherlands called the Netherlands?

In Dutch, the language is called Nederlands (literally: Netherlandish ), which derives from the name Nederland . The origin of the word Nederlands is Dutch, but not so much the usage of the name itself. Of course, nether ('low') could simply refer to the geographical characteristics of the l ( Full Answer )

What can you do in the Netherlands?

You can go sightseeing all around the Netherlands. I would recomend the CoBrA Museum. If you want to stay a few days and you have tons of money, you can go to the Softile the Grand hotel..

Another name for Netherlands is?

"Holland", which is actually only a small part of the Netherlands. Official name of the state of the Netherlands is: "Konikrijk der Nederlanden" = Kingdom of the Netherlands (it's a constitutional monarchy AND a parliamentary democracy)

What is the scientific name of Netherland dwarf rabbit?

There is no scientific name specific to the Netherland Dwarf rabbit. While the specific breed originated in the Netherlands, it was developed from the common European rabbit, which has been imported to most countries of the world and is the ancestor of all domestic rabbits. All domestic breeds, inc ( Full Answer )

When was New Netherland named New York?

New Netherland was named New York after James, the Duke of York in the 1664. Since he was the proprietor, he named it New York and gave the rest of the land to two friends ( John Berkeley & George Carteret ) for free.

What is the name of the four canals in Amsterdam Netherlands?

There are hundreds of canals in Amsterdam, but I am going to assume that you're inquiring about what is referred to as the "canal ring" or grachtengordel" which is comprised of 4 nearly concentric canals that ring the city center (oldest part of Amsterdam). The inner most/first canal is known as the ( Full Answer )

How did New Netherland get its name?

In 1626, the Dutch, named the region New Netherland. Eventually, this region would be known as the colony and later the state of New York.

What are Netherlands minerals?

The Netherlands has a large gas field in the North in slochteren, one of the biggest in the world.

What are the Netherlands known for?

Artists, Delft pottery, flatness, windmills, wooden shoes, tullips, Anne Frank, canals, the red light district, pot, cows, bikes, Philips Electronics, Soccer, The Efteling theme park.

Where can you get food in the Netherlands?

At Thuisbezorgd.NL (www.thuisbezorgd.nl) people can order food online at restaurants. The website also offers payment options and is only available in the Netherlands. There are also sister companies present across other nations in Europe.

What religion does the Netherlands have?

The Netherlands is one of the most secular countries in Western Europe. The most people are atheïst. Currently Roman Catholicism is the single largest religion of the Netherlands. The Protestant Church of the Netherlands followed . the Dutch Reformed Church and the Reformed Churches in the Nether ( Full Answer )

What is Netherlands landforms?

By: Worldatlas The Netherlands is a very flat country with almost 25% of its land at, or below sea level. Low rolling hills cover some of the central area, and in the far south, the land rises into the foothills of the Ardennes Mountains. Vaalserberg, the country's highest point is located th ( Full Answer )

What are the names of the players in netherland?

Well, i guess u mean Football Players. These are the 2010 Selected Players. Keepers: Maarten Stekelenburg (Ajax), Piet Velthuizen (Vitesse), Michel Vorm (FC Utrecht). Defence: Edson Braafheid (Celtic), Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Feyenoord), John Heitinga (Everton), Joris Mathijsen (HSV), Andrà ( Full Answer )

Name 6 spices that first arrived in the Netherlands?

Through the trade with, and colonialization of, exotic countries, the first spices introduced to the Netherlands in the early 1600s were pepper (both black and white), nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom.

Why netherland has two names?

It's something from the old days. In the early days (1600 - 1800) the country was called Holland because of the two main provinces are called Holland (North Holland and South Holland). Today the correct name for the country is the Netherlands and not Holland.

What is the alternative name for Netherlands?

It is "The Netherlands" or "Kingdom of The Netherlands". The Dutch name is "Nederland" or "Koninkrijk der Nederlanden" The alternative name is "Holland" or "The Low Countries"

What does the name Sikkema mean in Netherlands?

It's a name from the north of the Netherlands (from the region Friesland). '-ma' means 'son of'. 'Sikke' comes from the first name 'Sicke' or 'Sicco' (it does not mean 'the sick one'!). 'Sicke' comes from 'Sigi' as in 'Sifridus'. 'Sig-' means 'Winner' ('sieger' in German). So 'Sikkema' means: the ( Full Answer )

What are the names of current king and queen of netherland?

HM Queen Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard. The Netherlands has no King as Queen Beatrix's mother Queen Juliana only had one child. Queen Beatrix's husband Prince Claus von Amsberg died 2002 of Parkinson disease.

What is the name of the western part of the Netherlands?

The western part of the Netherlands is often referred to as Holland. Holland actually exists out of two provinces, North and South Holland. People often refer to the Netherlands as Holland, which is ofcourse not right, it's just 2 out of the 12 provinces.

Why same name Netherlands and Holland?

Once upon a time there was a little country. It had a lot of colonies and it was a very important and famous. The Netherlands had eleven provinces, but the most important were Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. Together they were called Holland. Nowadays it's by foreigners called Holland, but the off ( Full Answer )

Were does the Netherlands get its name from?

the Netherlands means low-lying lands, since the Netherlands lies for a part below the sea level. The Dutch name for the Netherlands is Nederland and that means low-lying LAND, because it is one country.

What is the name of Santa in Netherlands?

The Dutch call Santa simply Kerstman, which translates to Christmas-man. Incidentally Santa was introduced to the US by Coca Cola based on the dutch Sinterklaas tradition. Santa was then reimported back to the Netherlands so they now have both Sinterklaas and Santa.

Why did Holland's name change to the Netherlands?

They didn't change it. It has always been the Netherlands. Holland is actually just a part of the Netherlands. The name Holland is sometimes mistakenly used to refer to the whole country.

Why was new Netherlands name changed to New York?

Should this question relate to the name change of New Amsterdam to New York, it came when the British took over the island of Manhattan, then called by the New Amsterdam name. This happened in 1664.

What is the German name for Netherlands?

The German name for Netherlands is " Die Niederlande" Sometimes the Netherlands are also called "Holland", which is incorrect, since Holland is only a small part of the Netherlands.