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Pennsylvania was a good colony to live in because they had religious freedoms. It was also one the most prosperous colonies at that time.

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Q: Why was Pennsylvania a good colony to live in?
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What was the landscape like in the Pennsylvania colony?

Pennsylvania had good land for farming.

What colony did Molly Pitcher live in?

carlisle Pennsylvania

What did the Pennsylvania colony live by?

Pacifism- many people in Pennsylvania were Quakers who refused to resort to violence

What kind of people was the colony of Pennsylvania?

good people

What is a good slogan for Pennsylvania the colony?

If you aren't living in Pennsylvania, you aren't really living

What colony is Pennsylvania located?

Pennsylvania is a colony....

Why did William Penn start the colony of Pennsylvania?

To create a colony where Quakers could live according to their beliefs

Was the Pennsylvania colony an economic venture?

No, William Penn, a Quaker, founded Pennsylvania so that he and his fellow Quakers could live in a colony with religious freedom and no prejudice.

Was Pennsylvania a royal colony or not?

Pennsylvania was a proprietary colony.

What was the education like in the colony of Pennsylvania like?

it was very good

Where did the Quakers live in the period of the 13 colonies?

They lived primarily in the colony of Pennsylvania.

What year was the Pennsylvania colony founded?

the Pennsylvania colony was founded in 1681

When was the colony of Pennsylvania made?

The colony of Pennsylvania was originally founded in 1682.

What colony was Pennsylvania in?

Pennsylvania was its own colony, one of the original 13.

What is the Pennsylvania Colony like today?

The Pennsylvania colony no longer exists. Pennsylvania is now a state in America

The colony of the Quakers?

Pennsylvania colony

Where is the colony and What is the climate?

the colony is in pennsylvania

What colony broke away from Pennsylvania?

Delaware was the colony that broke away from Pennsylvania

What was life like in the colony of Pennsylvania?

the pennsylvania colony started by them shooting a deer

Was Pennsylvania a self governing colony?

Yes, Pennsylvania was a self-governed colony.

The religion group that settled the colony of Pennsylvania was the?

The Quakers settled in the colony in Pennsylvania.

Which colony was Pennsylvania in?

Pennsylvania was it's own colony. One of the original 13.

What changes did the European do to the Pennsylvania colony?

The people who built the colony of Pennsylvania WERE Europeans.

What was the religious practices of the Pennsylvania colony?

The religios practice for the colony of Pennsylvania is "Quaker".

What's in Pennsylvania colony?

Pennsylvania was its own colony, one of the original 13.