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It gave him an empire.

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Q: Why was Persia Alexander the Great biggest military accomplishment?
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What was the military goal of Alexander the great?

To conquer Persia

Which great military leader rode a horse named Bucephalus?

Bucephalus was ridden by Alexander the Great of persia

Did Alexander conquer Persia?

Yes, he did.

What was Alexander's first conquest?


What city was conquered by Persia when Alexander the great invaded the Persian empire?

During Alexander's successful invasion, Persia was not conquering anything, it was on the defensive.

Who was Alexander the Greats arch rival?

Alexander The Great had wars with a number of enemies but his main war was with Persia. After he had conquered Persia and present day Pakistan, his generals informed him they had achieved their original goal and had no reason to continue conquering. For that reason he did not conquer India and try to conquer China.

Who is the greek conqueror of Persia?

Alexander the great

Was Alexander the Great from Persia?

Yes he was. He also ruled Persia and many other places too.

Did Alexander the Great kill Zrario the king of Persia?

The King of Persia defeated by Alexander was Darius. After losing the battle of Gaugamela Darius was murdered by his own nobles.

Adolf Hitler and Alexander the Great?

Alexander the Great destroyed Persia. And robbed untold riches. Persia and its 'religion' Zoroastrianism never recovered and ages later Persia was an easy target for the jihadees of Mohammed Hitler and partner Japan destroyed much of Europe and Asia. Easy targets for The United States. The US were quick to establish military presence and to profit in unlimited way from the new economic ties

After founding Alexandria and Egypt in which direction did Alexander travel and to where?

alexander traveled east and to persia

Acrostic poem of Alexander the great?

Alexander the great was born in Macedonia in 356 B.C.E. Lived till the age of 32. Egyptians made Alexander the pharaoh Alexander claimed he was Zeus's son Numerous battles were fought in Persia. Darius the III was the king of Persia Eventialy Alexander became king of Persia Ruled, Alexander appointed many Persians.