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London was overrun with conspiracy theories over the murders of Jack The Ripper. Adding fuel to the flame was the fact the the Prince enjoyed the company of women from the lower classes, who in fact gave him syphillis. So according to the rumors the Prince in a syphillitic frenzy took his revenge on these women for his disease. And of course, when Scotland Yard failed to catch the fiend, he had protection from his grandmother, the Queen.

Had anyone bothered to check they would have found out in short order that the Prince as The Ripper would have been impossible. On at least 3 of the murders the Prince was not even in London.

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The Prince can be eliminated from the suspect roster for the simple fact that he was not even in London for some of the murders. At the time of Kelly's murder on November 9, 1888, the Prince was on a hunting trip with many witnesses to verify his alibi.

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Yes, and he had a lot of features to prove it , 1. he had an infection that gave him the urge to murder , 2. he was foreign looking , 3. He came from a wealthy backround.

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Q: Why was Prince Albert Victor a suspect as Jack The Ripper?
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This sounds like a reference to the supposed Royal connection to the Whitechapel Murders and Jack the Ripper. According to this theory, Prince Albert Victor (elder son of the Prince of Wales) had fathered an illegitimate daughter by a Roman Catholic shopgirl, and the murders were meant to silence the blackmailers who threatened to reveal the story. //Prince Victor Edward Albert, Duke of Clarence, and the grandson of Queen Victoria, died an untimely death on January 14, 1892, long before the Ripper murders stopped. He was unmarried I believe and left no children, legitimate or otherwise. Of the murders that occured in 1888, the Prince was not even in London for three of them.

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