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Prince edward albert victor, duke of clarence

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Q: Who is the grandson of queen of England 1888?
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What king of England was a grandson to queen Victoria?

George V

Who were the Cousins of Kaiser William II?

The Kaiser was Queen Victoria of England's grandson and cousin to Czar Nicholas II of Russia and King George V of England

Who ruled in 1888?

queen victoria

Who is Henry Stuart?

Henry Stuart was lord darnley, grandson of Margaret Tudor and grand-nephew of Henry VIII. He married his first cousin Mary Queen of Scots, who was queen of Scotland and heir to the throne of England (after Elizabeth).

Does queen elizabeth ll have a great grandson?


How is Prince Harry related to the queen?

He is the queen's grandson. He is the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeth II's son.

Who is Prince Harry's dad?

Henry Charles Albert David, popularly called 'Prince Harry' is the second child of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diane, Princess of Wales. He is also the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

When was Queen Victoria Statue created?

Queen Victoria Statue was created in 1888.

When was Queen Emma Bridge created?

Queen Emma Bridge was created in 1888.

Which of Queen Victoria of England children became hemofiliac carrier?

Queen Victoria had nine children. Two of her daughter's Alice and Beatrice were carriers who gave the gene of hemophilia to their children and grandchildren. Queen Victoria also had a son Leopold who had hemophilia and gave the gene to his daughter and grandson.

Do Americans write the queen or the Queen of England?

The Queen of England.

How is Prince Harry related to queen victoria?

Gggg grandson