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He is a man that stole from the rich people who were mean and gave the riches to the poor and unhealthy!

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Who is most famous Robin Hood or Adele?

robin hood is the most famous and the best because my brother IS robin hood

Who is more famous Robin Hood or Adele?

robin hood is the most famous and the best because my brother IS robin hood

Who is more famous Adele or Robin Hood?

Robin Hood

How many years was Robin Hood famous?

Robin Hood is even famous with children today.

What was Robin Hood supposed to do?

Robin Hood is supposed to be a famous outlaw.

Who is more famous sonic the hedgehog or Robin Hood?

robin hood

Who is more famous lady gaga or Robin Hood?

Robin Hood

What did Robin Hood get famous?


Nottingham is famous for?

Robin Hood

Who was the most famous archer?

Robin Hood

Who are famous thieves from history?

Robin Hood

What year was the movie 'Robin Hood' released?

The story of Robin Hood has been made into many films. Some of the most famous are: 'Robin Hood', released in 2010 and 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves', released in 1991.

How was Robin Hood famous?

He was famous for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Who is the the most famous archer in the world?

Robin Hood....

What were famous 1700s card games?

Robin Hood.

Who is more famous Batman or Robin Hood?


Who is more famous Mario or Robin Hood?

i'm pretty sure mario D-uh! Robin Hood! According to my experience...

Which famous English legend lived in Sherwood forest?

The famous Robin Hood

Who is more famous Luke Skywalker or Robin Hood?

I would have to say Robin Hood, for no other reason than he has stood the test of time.

What was Robin Hood famous for?

robbing the rich to feed the poor.

Any famous highwayman?

dick turpin robin hood

Why was Nottingham famous?

Nottingham was famous because robin hood lived there and robin hood is a legend. (legends are storeys that people have made up during years and nowone knows if they are true or not)

In what century was Robin Hood famous?

The earliest sources of the Robin Hood legend are ballads which can be dated before 1450. My novel The Robin Hood Chronicles is based largely on these ballads. The ballads refer to a King Edward who visited Robin in Yorkshire. The only King Edward who was in Yorkshire before 1450 was Edward II, who was in Yorkshire in 1323. Also in Langland's Piers Plowman, written in 1377, there is a reference to Robin Hood ballads. So the answer to your question is that Robin Hood was famous in the 14th century; but of course he has been famous also in every century since then.

Who is more famous Robin Hood or Shrek?

Rodin Hood is more famous than Shrek because Rodin Hood stole for the riches and give to the poor.

What is Nottingham famous for?

Nottingham is famous for Robin Hood and lace makingi hate to say it but all its famous for is robin hood and having the most knife crimes and gun crimes in englan and most teenage pregnancies in Europe

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