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He saw the image of long dead Jacob Marley

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Q: Why was Scrooge startled when he looked at his door knocker on Christmas Eve?
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What is Scrooges new feelings for the doorknocker?

As Scrooge saw what he thought was the face of his dead partner Jacob Marley appear on the knocker on night of Christmas eve it sets as a reminder of the events the he went through and the pledge he made to change

What was Scrooge nice about in A Christmas Carol?

He looked upon Tiny Tim Cratchit as the child he would never have. Following his visitations his focus changed to a caring person

Scrooge looked into the void did he see anything?

a coffin

What happened to the way Scrooge and the ghost looked at the night as it went on?

This refers to the Ghost of Christmas Presnt who across teh 12 days of Christamas grew older in his looks as his time on this earth became shorter

When the second sprite invites Scrooge into the room what does Scrooge find there?

The room is decked out in green garlands, holly and Ivy hung from all around and the room looked like a Grove. On a table lay a huge dish of oranges, apples, grapes and pears

What happened to the way the ghost and Scrooge looked as the night went on?

he went to bed

How do we know scrooge looked down at the US?

He didnt. There is no reference to the USA in the original format

How does Scrooge feel about seeing Mr. Fezzieig?

Happiness and he looked up to Old Fezziwig

Why was turtle startled when she looked into the coffin?

Because the dead man was dressed like uncle sam with her mother's cross

Why is Ebenezer Scrooge down cast at Fezziwig's party scene?

He remembers how Fezziwig treated him and how well he looked after all of those who had little or nothing and then Scrooge thought of Bob and his treatment of his loyal employee

What Christmas song has the phrase looked down where he lay?

away in a manger

On what Character from a Charles Dicken's novel is the Grinch based?

The Grinch is based on Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol.Dr. Seuss reported that he based the Grinch on himself. He saw his reflection in the mirror one day and was surprised at how grumpy he looked. He was in a bad mood because of the noise on his street. He later used a personalized licence plate that said GRINCH on his car. However, Chuck Jones is said to have influenced how the face of the animated 1966 Grinch looked, and some people think the cartoon face of the Grinch looks like Chuck Jones.