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Why was Stalin a threat more than Hitler?

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Yes and no. For an example, Stalin used methods such as taking food away from the russian people to starve them, but hitler would put jews into gas chambers. In my opinion, Hitler was a much bigger threat than Stalin.

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How was Stalin a better leader than Hitler?

Stalin was worst than Hitler. Stalin killed 9 million more people than Hitler.

Who is Hitler worse than Stalin?

If you mean: Was Hitler worse than Stalin or Who was worse, Hitler or Stalin? The answer is Hitler.

How was Stalin dierent than Hitler and Mussolini?

Hitler & Mussolini were Fascist Dictators, Stalin was a Socialist Dictator.

How was Stalin like Hitler?

they both killed millions of people Stalin actually would kill more people than Hitler. Both Stalin and Hitler had a bad childhood mostly because of their fathers. they were also great at using propaganda. Hitler and Stalin had a non aggression pact but it ended on June 22, 1941 and Stalin would end up defeating Hitler in WWII.

Who killed the most people?

Nope Stalin killed more than Hitler ever did.

How many more people did Stalin kill than Hitler?

Hitler killed around 17 million. Stalin killed around 20 million but estimates range between 3-60 million.

Who did Hitler hate the most?

He hated Jews more than any other group of people.

Was Mao's rule more brutal that that of stain or Hitler?

Yes, you could say that, as Mao was responsible for more deaths (largely through famine he caused) than Stalin or Hitler.

Who did Joseph Stalin anwer to?

He was a total dictator and answered to no one. He murdered more of his own people than Hitler.

Who was Leader of Soviet Union in 1939?

Josef Stalin, a communist who is known for causing more deaths than Adolph Hitler!

How many people did Stalin killed?

It's been estimated that Joseph Stalin killed between 20 million to 60 million people. If that's true, then Stalin is responsible for more deaths than Adolf Hitler.

Who is eviler Hitler or Stalin?

Stalin may have killed alot of people but, Hitler tried to wipe out the entire jewish race. He killed more than 5 million jewish people and even tried to take over the entire world. When Hitler invaded russia during WWII, Stalin made it clear that he would take the fight back to the fatherland and end the attempt of nazi ruling. Hitler and Stalin were both "evil" in their own persepctive. Hitler is reffered to as much more evil in most accounts, and his motive was also more evil. Stalin was still very ruthless and cruel though. Evil is also a matter of perspective.

What Human is responsible for the most deaths in history?

Mao was responsible for more deaths in history than even Stalin and Hitler combined.

Why were some people more afraid of communism than of Hitler?

Communism was and still is just as big a threat to freedom and democracy as fascism/Nazism, particularly when you have dictators such as Mao or Stalin. Mao was not in power in the 1930's but Stalin was. It was during this time that he committed numerous heteroclites initiated by purging his government of Lenin supporters though mass executions. Stalin's predecessor Leon Trotsky, Stalin

What were their differences Hitler and Stalin?

Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union, while Hitler was the dictator of Germany. It's estimated that the death toll of people who were killed by Stalin is approximately 20 million. Hitler killed six million Jewish people during the Holocaust. They eventually became enemies when Hitler's army violated a pact saying that Hitler and Stalin promise not to invade each other's countries and fight against each other. Most people say that Stalin was history's worst dictator ever. Stalin was the world's #1 killer and he was far more worse than Hitler and Vladimir Lenin.

What good things did Joseph Stalin accomplish as a dictator?

Stalin was a turdbag in general, but bea the hell out of a bigger dirtbag, Hitler. so he did a few good thingz, but murdered more of hi own contrymen than Hitler did with Jews and peole in occupied areas

Was Stalin worse than Hitler?

In my opinion, No because Stalin killed his own country but Hitler told the German Army to invade other countries and kidnap jews to keep them in concentration camps.

Why do some people say Stalin was worse than Hitler?

Well yes, Stalin basically did everything Hitler did except Hitler only ruled for 13 years. Most of that time he did not execute people. Stalin ruled from pre WW2 to the 1950's when he died. Here is a figure from genocides alone Hitler killed 11 million people. Stalin kill over 20 million people.

Who was the more evil - Hitler or Stalin?

Note: A lot of opinions. Some are below. It depends on how you define evil.Stalin:I would say Stalin as he was pure evil. Hitler was evil do not get me wrong, but Stalin hated everyone. Hitler had problems with the Jews and a few others, but Stalin persecuted his own people and others. There are more statistics on Hitler than Stalin. That is why more people might say Hitler for they do not know much about Stalin. Hitler is a household name, Stalin is usually not.Hitler:I would actually say Hitler was the more evil of the two. Like the poster above said, Stalin hated everyone, but Hitler targeted, isolated, and slaughtered one group of people. At least Stalin didn't discriminate.Hitler:Hitler plunged Europe into war as well as committing appalling atrocities. (Stalin did not unleash a major war). Hitler has become the #1 20th century icon (or symbol) of evil.Stalin:Although Stalin didn't cause a war he still sided with Hitler in the war. On top of that Stalin killed everyone even in his own army he had groups that where called blocks behind his soilders. They were ordered to shoot any troop giving up ground no matter what. Plus Stalin did start a war by him self the cold war!!!Hitler:There is all this talk about Stalin killed off his own fellow Russians - In actual fact he was betrayed by a fair number of his own fellow men who worked secretly for Hitler. When Stalin found this out, brutally and literally, lined those who betrayed them and had them shot. Everything he did was for a reason and people are too quick to jump to conclusions without fact. In all honesty, he can be seen as one of the greatest leaders of our time who took an undeveloped country and turned it into the greatest industrial country with one of the most powerful military forces to this very day.Stalin:Both Stalin and Hitler are both considered some of the worst leaders. Both instituted totalitarian governments and they both killed lots of people. Stalin would kill people, and then expunge them from all records, like in pictures. Hitler, at the end of the war, gassed millions of people. However, Stalin's communist policy also led to major shortages in food and caused tens of millions of people to starve to death. So, between Hitler and Stalin - they were both terrible leaders, I would have to say Stalin. Yes, Hitler was bad, but Stalin was worse! Wrap up:One can debate motive and intentions all day, but if murder is the greatest evil, then when the debate is said and done, Hitler is usually ascribed with about 15 million murders and Stalin with tens and tens of millions of murders.

What was the position of the Polish foreign minister on Soviet influence in Europe?

Poland's Foreign Minister, Josef Beck, had established himself as a foe, unofficially, of Stalin. Beck had opposed the entry of the USSR into the League of Nations, regarded so-called collective security agreements as Communist devices and opposed Western European attempts to create any sort of alliances with Stalin. He came to believe that Stalin was more of a threat to Poland than Hitler.

Who did Hitler find as a threat other than the Jews?

Communists and anybody who supported them.

What country does josef Stalin come from?

Georgia (called Sakartvelo by its inhabitants). Stalin was born in the town of Gori and went on to control the Soviet Union. He killed more people than Hitler and pretty much got away with it.

Who killed more people Stalin Hitler or Pol Pot?

Stalin killed way more people than Hitler... Hitlers death number was about 5 times less than Stalin and only reason Hitler is recognized more often is because he was an anti-Semite and he only targeted certain races whereas Stalin destroyed anyone who opposed his authority. Usually when Stalin killed someone it escalated to killing any connections to that person and the numbers grew. Hitler started small and ended small compared to Stalin. Hitler by far, although Stalin and Pot didn't do it in small amounts. Let's take a look at Hitler's accounting: Six million Jews, Thousands of Romanis (Gypsies), A couple hundred Black GI's, Around hundred fifty to two hundred homosexuals At least a couple thousands of Jehova Witnesses, Approximately five hundred Muslims, couple more, couple less, Thirty to forty "communists", and Twenty million Soviets. These are the ones that have been accounted for, but there's the very much shared suspicion that there are many, many, many more...

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