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Stalin killed the most people, and it made little difference to him what ethnic or religious background they had. He was paranoid and was determined to purge everyone he perceived as being an enemy of his. Mussolini and Hitler were racists and egocentrics in their own right.

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Q: Who was more ruthless Mussolini Hitler or Stalin?
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Who was more brutal - Hitler or Mussolini?

Hitler - But Stalin was worse yet.

Did Mussolini Hitler and Stalin have any pacts?

i believe they did, however trying to find out more information seems impossible.

How did Mussolini ensure that people obeyed his government?

Through fear. Much like Hitler and Stalin did. (Joseph Stalin). Once his (Mussolini) 'allies' helped him seize power, he converted the italian government to a state of Facism like Hitler. Ran through fear and racism. Unlike the German people, Mussolini's people knew a lot more in detail about what he was doing to their country.

Who refers to the process of eliminating the more ruthless policies of Stalin?

the process of eliminating stallin's more ruthless policies

Who was more liberal Stalin or Hitler and why?


Who was more powerful Hitler or Stalin?

Stalin was more powerful.

Who was worse Hitler or Stalin?

Probably Hitler. They were both mass murderers, but what Hitler did was HORRIBLE! Hitler and his Nazis killed millions of Jews, and Stalin didn't. Stalin is more of a 50-50, but Hitler was far more evil and cruel.

How was Stalin a better leader than Hitler?

Stalin was worst than Hitler. Stalin killed 9 million more people than Hitler.

Contrast paper on Hitler and Mussolini?

Mussolini was a facist while Hitler was a nazi which is more extremist than facism.

Who is eviler Hitler or Stalin?

Stalin may have killed alot of people but, Hitler tried to wipe out the entire jewish race. He killed more than 5 million jewish people and even tried to take over the entire world. When Hitler invaded russia during WWII, Stalin made it clear that he would take the fight back to the fatherland and end the attempt of nazi ruling. Hitler and Stalin were both "evil" in their own persepctive. Hitler is reffered to as much more evil in most accounts, and his motive was also more evil. Stalin was still very ruthless and cruel though. Evil is also a matter of perspective.

Was Hitler and Mussolini more alike or different?

They were more alike.

Hitler and Mussolini were more alike or different?

More alike

Why did Hitler turn on Stalin and move towards Leningrad and Stalingrad?

hitler turned on stalin to get more power during the war, with made stalin an allie.

Did Stalin lie to Hitler?

On the contrary, Hitler lied, or more accruately decieved, Stalin. He attacked and invaded Stalin's country (the USSR), and not vice versa.

Did Hitler or Mussolini play a more important role in history?

Hitler. Michael Montagne

Who is more famous Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin?

Stalin, I guess. As a saviour from fascism

How was Stalin like Hitler?

they both killed millions of people Stalin actually would kill more people than Hitler. Both Stalin and Hitler had a bad childhood mostly because of their fathers. they were also great at using propaganda. Hitler and Stalin had a non aggression pact but it ended on June 22, 1941 and Stalin would end up defeating Hitler in WWII.

Who was able to use their positions and policies more effectively to gain power Hitler or Stalin?


Why did Stalin join the allies?

Adolph Hitler made a nonaggression act with Stalin. So Stalin and Hitler became partners in crime, taking over more and more territory. Hitler felt threatened by the rate at which Stalin was attaining land, so he tries to invade the u.s.s.r. He doesn't succeed. What an epic FAILURE! So Stalin then joins the Allied Forces at the begginning of WWII.

Why was Stalin a threat more than Hitler?

Yes and no. For an example, Stalin used methods such as taking food away from the russian people to starve them, but hitler would put jews into gas chambers. In my opinion, Hitler was a much bigger threat than Stalin.

Why does Hitler get focused on more by historians than Mussolini and Stalin?

Hitler gets the nod because he started the most horrific and tragic war in history. He also tried to kill a race. Mussolini was his stooge, but he did not carry out a scorched earth policy like Hitler, nor did his troops show barbarity as Hitler's did. Hitler indoctrinated his troops with a hatred for the Jews and Slavs. His war was one of extermination not just of conquering. It was the first time a war was started with the intent to destroy an entire people. Mussolini is looked at more as a stooge. Stalin on the other hand was an ally, although a reluctant one, as he did not begin his war against Germany until he was attacked in June of 1941. Had Stalin wound up fighting with Hitler against the West he would have been seen in a much more critical light. As it is, Stalin is recognized as one of the worst human beings of all time. His liquidation of his Marshalls, Generals, Colonels and others led to horrific defeats by Russia in the first few months of the war. His show-trials of the 30's where millions were systematically illiminated to consolidate his power is now looked on as some of the worst crimes in history.

How many deaths is Hitler responsible for?

Not nearly as many as Stalin was responsible for, but Stalin was 'our friend and ally' so we don't talk about it. Hitler was a ruthless and feared leader of Germany during WW2 there is no way to put a actual number of men woman and children that were murdered by this man.If someone was to estimate a number of deaths he is responsible for including his own people i would estimate at 15 million or more.....

Who were really horrible dictators prior to Adolf Hitler?

Certainly if you look at the number of people he caused to die, Josef Stalin of the USSR was even worse than Hitler. Another dictator who rose to power before Hitler was Mussolini, but he was more horribly inept at waging war than horrible in the sense of terrorizing his people.

Was Hitler the biggest serial killer in history?

NO, Stalin killed more

Did Christopher Columbus kill more people than Hitler?

No, but Stalin did.