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Why was Thomas Becket put to death?


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May 17, 2009 3:43PM

Thomas Becket was made the Archbishop of Canterbury by Henry II as a political move to gain more power over the Church in England (Becket had been a friend and adviser of Henry's). When Becket denounced one of the Dukes Henry had in his back-pocket for putting a priest to death instead of turning him over to the Church for punishment, Henry became enraged and supposedly had some of his closest advisers slay Becket. Thomas had claimed he was being loyal to King Henry and when Henry heard about this he was so angry the 4 knights thought that Henry wanted Thomas dead so the knights rode into Canterbury where they found Becket praying in a church yard and they killed him. His body remained on the floor of the cathedral in Caterbury splatted in blood and now remaind in the cathedral in a coffin where he died, however some people today still go to Canterbury Cathedral to see the coffin of Thomas Becket. Also Henry's knights overheard Henry raging about Thomas.