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Why was William of Normandy a good king?

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as he was creative in the way he decided his choosings and thought of new ideas when first ones failed.

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Was William Duke of Normandy a good king for Normandy?

he was not a good king

Why is William of Normandy a good king?

William was a good king because he was well prepared and was a good leader.

Who is and how did William of Normandy in 1066?

William of Normandy was king Edwards cousin

Why was William duke of Normandy a good soldier?

no the zulu king killed him

Why should william duke of normandy not be king?

William of Normandy shouldn't be king as he came from france not england

Was William Duke of Normandy a good king?

he is a good leader because he is dum thats why

Who was king before William of Normandy?

King Harold Godwinson also known as Harold II was the king before William of Normandy.

Why wouldn't William duke of Normandy be a good king?

i do not know isnt that fantactic

Why was William of Normandy crowned king of England on Christmas day?

cus he was a good king and he was very religious

Why did William of Normandy think he should be king of England?

William of Normandy thought he had to be king of England because he won the battle of Hasting

What number duke was duke William of Normandy?

There were two Dukes of Normandy named William: William I Longsword was the 2nd Duke of Normandy. William II the Conqueror was the 7th Duke of Normandy (also known as King William I).

Who became King of England in 1066?

King William "the conquerer" of Normandy took the throne of England from King Harold of the Saxons he was a good king

What ruler of Normandy became king of England?

William Duke of Normandy became King William I of England after his victory at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Who became king out of Harold godwinson Harald Hadraada and William duke of Normandy?

William duke of Normandy

Who came king after William of Normandy?

William II ( Rufus)

In 1066 William Normandy wanted to become king of England were did he come from?

William duke of Normandy came from France which was called Normandy in that era

Who promised William duke of Normandy to be king?

King canute

How long was king William of Normandy king for?


Was William of normany crowned king of England or Normandy?

William was crowned king of England. He couldn't be king of Normandy because it was, and still is, part of France; and the king of France would not have allowed that.

Why was Duke William of Normandy so brutal?

because he wants to be king of normandy

Who was king after William duke of Normandy died?

His second son, William Rufus. (His eldest son was Robert of Normandy.)

What king from Normandy took over England?

The Duke of Normandy became William 1 (William the Conqueror) in 1066

When did William of Normandy become king?

William of Normandy became king on the 25th of December 1066 after defeating the Saxons in the Battle of hastings on the 14th of October 1066.

What date was William of Normandy crowned king?

He was crownd king in 1083

Who became king after king edward died?

William the Duke of Normandy

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