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Why was World War 1 longer than expected?


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USA entered war

1917 Russia signed treaty with Germany and left war

no longer needed to defend Eastern front


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World War 2 was about two years longer than World War 1.

Most of World War 1 was characterized by stalemates caused by trench warfare. This caused the war to drag out for longer than expected, and casualties extended to the civilian populations of some countries.

The Confederacy had to surrender unconditionally. There were no bargaining chips left for the South in 1865. The war took longer than most people expected. Also, the length of the war caused more deaths than anyone expected.

World War 2 lasted longer. The usual dates given are 1939-1945, and those for World War 1 are usually given as 1914-1918.

World War 2 lasted longer, six years compared to the four years of World War 1.

During World War 11, the war against Japan lasted four months longer than the war against Germany.

No; WW1 went on for 4 years while WW2 went for six.

World War I lasted from 1914 - 1918, and World War II was from 1939 - 1945, so WWII continued for a longer time period.

No war is ever the way those involved think it is going to be.It always takes longer to reach a conclusion, there are always more casualties than expected, (or acceptable), there are always consequences which those involved have not foreseen.

I'm pretty sure that it proved that the war would be hard and last longer than what was previously expected

Because they found that the war was lasting much longer than expected, casualties were mounting, and they simply needed more men.

WWII was longer, lasting six years compared to the four years of WW1.

many Indians expected a greater self-government.

Germany's chances of winning World War 1 were never that good. A German victory would have required a quick 'knock-out' blow against France in early stages of the war - and on Britain staying out of the war. The point was that the resources of the Entente were greater - and the British naval blockade led in due cause to starvation in Germany. In the event, Germany fought for longer than anyone really expected ...

They (our eurpopean allies) were in the war a lot longer,for one.

Why were traditional methods of fighting no longer possible during World War I

Until World War 2 it was not expected that a second global war would be fought, so World War 1 was commonly known as the Great War.

World war 2 was longer only by a couple months ww1 lasted almost 6 but ww2 was 6 years 4 months

The use of trenches in World War I, made war last longer then it could've been. Trenches were a hard obstacle to overcome and required much time that's why war lasted longer.

Austria was no longer part of the large Austro-Hungarian empire when that empire collapsed after the war. Trust me it's the right answer. :P

women were expected to take on the responsibilty like taking care of the children and clean and so forth. Many were expected to work in factories until the men came back, and some went to war.

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