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USA entered war

1917 Russia signed treaty with Germany and left war

no longer needed to defend Eastern front

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Q: Why was World War 1 longer than expected?
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Which world war was longer?

World War 2 was about two years longer than World War 1.

How did the reality of the Great War differ from expectations at the beginning of the war?

The war was going to last longer than people expected.

What were the principal characteristics of world war 1?

Most of World War 1 was characterized by stalemates caused by trench warfare. This caused the war to drag out for longer than expected, and casualties extended to the civilian populations of some countries.

What were the south's terms when they surrened the civil war?

The Confederacy had to surrender unconditionally. There were no bargaining chips left for the South in 1865. The war took longer than most people expected. Also, the length of the war caused more deaths than anyone expected.

Why did World War I last longer than World War 2?

World War 2 lasted longer. The usual dates given are 1939-1945, and those for World War 1 are usually given as 1914-1918.

Why wasn't there a winner of the World War 1 in the beginning of the war?

Because it lasted longer than that

What were Franklin Roosevelts expected outcomes of World War 2?

He expected victory.

Which war continued longer World War I or World War 2?

World War 2 lasted longer, six years compared to the four years of World War 1.

What was the war that lasted longer than any other war in the world?

India vs Pakistan The one hundred years war.

How much longer was the war against Japan last then the war against Germany?

During World War 11, the war against Japan lasted four months longer than the war against Germany.

Did World War 1 go longer than World War 2?

No; WW1 went on for 4 years while WW2 went for six.

Which war continued World War I or world war2?

world war 1 lasted longer

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