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The newer Brownings are being built in Japan. I bought mine new in 1972 from Sears and it was made in Belgium. So sometime between then and now the change was made. The new Weatherbys are also made in Japan now also. ANSWER: Japan production started in 1976. Why the change? Money is usually the answer. Production costs in Belgium were rising. auto5man

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Q: Why was a Browning Auto-5 shotgun made in Japan?
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What type of Browning 12 Gage Automatic made was made in Japan?

Several, the auto5, B2000, B80 and others

How old is your Browning Auto5 16ga with serial number x57552?

Your serial number X57552 indicates that your Browning auto-5 shotgun in 16ga.was made for Browning in the year 1951.

When was your browning auto5 built sn l 52789?

The serial number L52789 indicates that you have a Browning light weight model,auto-5 shotgun which was made in the year 1955.

What the age of browning auto5 16ga serial 1R 77433?

Your serial number indicates that you have a Browning standard auto-5 shotgun in 16 gauge that was made in the year 1961.

Where is browning gold shotgun made?

Japan, Portugal and Belgium

When and were was your browning auto5 made serial number 213765?

1938, Belgium

How old is my Browning Auto5 16ga with serial number 1R77433?

it was made in 1961

What is browning auto5 12ga sn06261 pv211 japan made worth and made?

Made in 1985. Value depends on what someone is willing to pay. Check closed on line auctions to see what they are selling for.

What is the age of a browning A5 12GA SER04078?

I own a Browning A5, 12ga,Japan made shotgun, ser: 04078. what is it worth?

What is the difference between an a-5 and belgian a-5 Browning shotgun?

Just the manufacturer.The browning auto-5 shotgun was made by FN of belguim for browning between 1903-1975.After 1975 the browning auto-5 shotgun was made by Miroku of japan for browning,both companys made the same shotgun with the same patent of john m browning.While most in this country feel that the quality of the belguim made guns are far bettter(and there is some truth to this) The japan made firearms are of excellent quality,fit and finish.I know because I have owned both.

Browning deer game 12 gauge shotgun made in japan worth?

50-500 usd

What is the value of a Browning light20 auto5 new in box made in 1970?

100-1000 USD or so

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