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Because they were fighting a war!!!

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What was the trenches across belgium and France known as?

They were the western front. But the different trenches were front line trenches, communication trenches.

What are continental trenches?

coninental trenches are trenches that go across countries...i think

What continent is france a part of?

France is in Europe - morre precisely western Europe, facing the US across the Atlantic.

Is France located in Europe or Asia?

France is located in western Europe, opposite the US across the Atlantic Ocean.

Did Aryans have a religion?

The Aryan peoples stretched across Europe into western Asia. They had many religions.

Where was the setting of World War I?

all across Europe especially the Western Front on east France.

What factors led to the declining status of women as feudalism developed across western Europe?


Which mountains stretch from Western Europe across many of the Balkan nations?

the North European Plain

Former Dividing line across Europe?

An imaginary line known as the Iron Curtain is what you are referring to. This separated the communist countries of eastern Europe, from the countries in western Europe.

Where did the World War 1 trenches stretch across?


How were Vikings able to invade so far inland into Western Europe?

They were extremely fit and could cover many miles by foot before needing rest

What ocean is Asia across?

In between the western hemisphere and Asia (if you travel west) is the Pacific Ocean. If you travel east from the western hemisphere you would encounter Europe first, before you get to Asia, so Asia is not exactly across the Atlantic. But you can get to Asia directly, by going across the Pacific.

How many trenches was built?

The trenches on the western front were built in a more or less continuous line from the North Sea all the way to the border of Switzerland. A distance of about 750 km; considering that both sides used multiple trench lines, plush support trenches, and zigzags across the landscape there would have been several thousand kilometres of trenches being used by either side at any given time.

What agency helped spur economic growth across Western Europe by eliminating tariffs?

European Coal and Steel Community

When did Storm Across Europe happen?

Storm Across Europe happened in 1989.

When was Storm Across Europe created?

Storm Across Europe was created in 1989.

What did they do when they got to the top in World War 1?

Once to the top of the trenches, the troops would make their way across their own barbed wire and walk across no-man's land in an attempt to make it to the enemy trenches.

Why did the US and the nations of western Europe organize NATO?

The US, Canada, and Western Europe formed NATO in order to counteract the perceived threat from the Soviet Union, who had the world's largest and strongest army which was sprawled across Eastern Europe. This move prompted Stalin to form a similar alliance system in Eastern Europe called the Warsaw Pact.

How many Debenham stores are there across Europe?

There are several Debenham stores across Europe. However, more specifically there are about 120 Debenham stores across Europe.

The ocean current that helps to warm parts of western Europe is called?

The ocean current that warms parts of western Europe is called the Gulf Stream. This current travels up the eastern coast of the United States and runs across the upper portion of the Atlantic.

What were the communication trenches used for?

The communication trenches were actually used to deliver messages between trenches. A lot of times a "communications trench" wasn't even a trench and the messengers had to run across open ground.

What did the monks spread across Europe?

Monks spread the ideas of Christianity across Europe.

What agency helped spur economic growth across Western Europe by eliminating some kinds of tariffs?

European Coal and Steel Community

Is France located in southwest Asia?

France isn't located in Asia, but in the western part of Europe, opposite the USA across the Atlantic Ocean.

What name did Winston churchill give to divide of Europe into western and eastern areas?

In a speech in Fulton Missouri, referring to the Soviet grip on Eastern Europe, Winston Churchill said that an 'Iron Curtain' had come down across Europe.