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Why was credit invented?

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Credit was invented in order to allow people to get the value of some service/good immediately while providing a legal means to pay for that item/service over time.

In the US, Singer was the first to provide installment credit for the purchase of sewing machines.

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When was the first credit card invented?

the credit card was invented in 1950

When was the credit card invented?

The credit card was invented in 1951 by the Diners Club.

What year was the credit card invented?

The first credit card, Diners, was invented by Ralph Schneider in 1950.

When were the first credit cards invented?

The first credit card, Diners, was invented by Ralph Schneider in 1950.

What date were credit card machines were invented?

Modern credit cards were invented and first used in 1994.

When was credit invented?


When were credit card invented?


Who invented the swiffer?

Cat Swartz invented it as an intern and got no credit for it.

Who invented credit card?

Frank McNamara

Who invented the credit card?

Why u askin

Where was the credit card invented?

Unfortunately. America

Who invented television and radio?

the radio was invented by evelyn diaz she did much reasearch on it and earned all the credit but nikola tesla and gugliemo did not get any credit!

Why were credit cards invented?

Credit cards were made because banks wanted to keep up with credit as in owed money better.

Who invented the first credit card?

diner's club

Who invented the credit default swap?

Credit default swaps were invented with collateralised debt obligations in 1995 by Ms. Blythe Masters, a 34-year Cambridge graduate who was then the head of JP Morgan's Global Credit Derivatives group.

Did Italy invent pizza?

Italy invented pizza Actually Greece invented it, Italy took the credit.

Who invented the pay as you go credit card?

John Gardiner

Who invented the Discover Credit Card?

Siarce company invented.ok

Who invented the credit card magnet strip?

Mike Liddy

Who invented the revolver?

Samuel Colt invented it in 1836Samuel Colt - (Credit to User:Romer12)

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Was Galileo Galileo the one who invented the thermometer?

No - Daniel Fahrenheit invented the thermometer, or at least took credit for its invention.

Who invented credit card debt?

Credit card debt was not exactly invented by anyone. However, the idea of a revolving credit was established in the 19th century. It was not until 1950 that Frank McNamara, head of the Hamilton Credit Corporation and members of the Bloomingdale family (founders of the Bloomingdale stores) created the Diners Club card.

Why did Alexander Graham Bell get most credit for the phone?

He invented the telephone.

Who is given credit for invented the radio?

Radio Radiorson Radio Radiorson Okay Whatever Here is the answer: Marconi is sometimes given credit and considered the "Father of Radio". It was Nikola Tesla who invented the radio in 1891.

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