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Q: Why was green chosen as the color of American money?
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Which color is the color of wealth?

Green because money is green.

'The Color of Money' is the sequel to which famous American film starring Paul Newman?

The film was called "The Hustler."The color of money varies from country to country. In the United States, paper money is green.

What color represents money?


If red is the color for losing money what is the color for saving money?

Green Because on traffic lights there's red and green as the opposite.

What color money?

First off it's What color is money and second money in bills in the us is green

What was James Madison's favorite color?

James Madison's favorite color was green due to the fact that he decided that paper money would be green.

Why is American money the color green?

"In 1929, when the small notes used as currency first came to print, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing continued using the color green, the color used due to the nickname ""greenbacks"", non interest bearing Demand Notes, our earliest version of money, during the Civil War."

What color make you spend money?


What is the color of a money plant?

The money plant has green leaves with a glossy finish. Some varieties may also have variegated leaves with white or yellow patterns.

What did all of the following have in common ships and soldiers and money?

A common item between ships, soldiers, and American money is the olive drab coloring. The color used on Army ships, on Army soldier uniforms, and on American money is a similar green coloring.

What is David Beckhams favorite color?

Green-the color of money

What were green backs?

slang for American money