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im guessing because we had to feed our soldiers and they probably didnt know about MREs (meals ready to eat)

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Q: Why was it important to save food for World War 1?
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Did they save food for the World War 2?

No because it came unexpected that world war two came

How did US save food during World War 2?

Rationing and Victory Gardens

What was the significance of rationing?

The significance of rationing was to save food. The food that was saved was sent to the soldiers fighting in World War 2

Why did the government want people to eat less food during World War 2?

To save resources for the war effort.

Why did the government want people to eat less food during world war ii?

To save resources for the war effort

Why did government want people to eat less food during world war 2?

To save resources for the war effort.

In World War 2 why did people asked to save left over food?

they wanted sex

Why was canning foods during World War 2 Encouraged?

It allowed you to have your own food, save money, and allow the soldiers to have food.

What was positive about rationing in world war 2?

people learnt how to save things and appreciate food more

Why was there a sugar shortage in world war 1?

because the nazis were taking all the food, and its expensive Save

What is the rationing?

its where they had to save food 4 after the war

Who organized food production to save Europe from starving in World War 1?

nobody it just kind of happend

Why did the government want people to eat less food during world war2?

To save resources for the war effort

Why were there wheatless and meatless days in World War 1?

there was days like this cuz the U.S had to save food bla ballls

How did the dropping of the atomic bomb save the world from a nuclear war?

It didn't save the world from a nuclear war. In fact it signalled the threat of it. However, marked the end of World War II.

What are the rationing of resources effected in World War 2?

rationing was used during WWII, carpools, meatless and wheatless days to save food for the troops, and blackouts to save energy.

Why were planes important in World War I?

they where not important in world war 1 they became important in world war 2. They where not important because bombs where to heavy to be supported in planes. Hope this helps you.

Why is it important to remember world war 1?

So as to remember all those soldiers and heroes who sacrificed their lives to save their country.

Did people in World War 2 receive food?

no they were given money and the food was supposed to be rationed. they would have to keep and save their money so that they could also buy clothes/

Why was the war at sea important in World War 2?

it was important for supplies to reinforce armies or food for the army. if you had control of the sea, it would be a lot easier to win the war. and it would have been easier to invade countries.

Are there poppies on World War 1 graves?

Yes, there are, to remember them. They were planted because the soldiers were important because they fought to save all of our lives.

Why is the war in Afghanistan important?

It is important because it is the longest war in the world.

When Did Germany Divide After World War 1?

No, it was after World War II. They decided to save that part for the sequel.

Why did people save rations during World War 2?

So there would be more food to go around as there were shortages due to food not being able to be transported to different countries.

How did canons impact the civil war?

to save the world