Why was johnny easy to play tricks on?

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cause johnny had swag
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How do you play a trick on your girlfriend?

Answer Marry her... *** Tell her that you gave her herpes. Once she starts crying, go, "Psych! " That is a very cruel trick. *** dress in thug clothing and wear a mask. Then hide in a corner and grab her butt as she passes by, while yelling "GOTCHA!" loudly. Have her watch Texas Chainsaw Massacu ( Full Answer )

What is the sentence for 'to play a trick'?

Joe played a trick on Samantha.. The class played a trick on the teacher.. Let's play a trick on Dad!. Kids, no playing tricks on the neighbors!.

Easy magic tricks for kids?

There is a chocolate pull trick here is some easy steps how to do it 1. get any sort of chocolate and hide it in your sleeve (don't let a person see you getting the chocolate) 2. put your arms round a persons neck and pull out the chocolate in your sleeve 3. show to person the chocolate and ( Full Answer )

Who played Johnny in Johnny Guitar?

Sterling Hayden played Johnny Guitar in the 1954 movie of that name. It also starred Joan Crawford, Mercedes McCambridge and Scott Brady.

What trick did Samson play on the Philistines?

Samson did several things to the Philistines. The Book of Judges tells the story of Samson. See Judges 13:24 though 16:30.. Not so much a trick but a riddle. Samson promised thirty linen garments and thirty changes of clothes for anyone who could figure it out wihin seven days of the marriage feast ( Full Answer )

Is playing the violin easy?

That is an opinion. With a lot of training a violin can be played, but like every art it shows feeling. So Yes and No.. Depends on what you think.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. That's true.. I play violin... for some people it g ( Full Answer )

What were the tricks played by Odysseus?

Odysseus plays a trick on the Cyclops by blinding it, and by givinghim a false name of No body. He tricks the cyclops by having themen tie sheep to them, so the cyclops wouldn't feel his men.Ê

Your mind playing tricks?

Please resubmit your question as it is not clear what you are trying to ask. Thanks.

What are some easy ripstik tricks?

1. acid drop: Kinda like a manual off a curb. sounds hard but it's not. 2. hang 10: putting both feet on the front side of the ripstik. there's a specific footing and technique to keep balance.look on youtube for how. 3. hang 20: same as hang 10 but on the back side. 4. manual(kinda hard): lifting u ( Full Answer )

What sport is the hat trick played in?

The hattrick can be recorded in two sports. Hockey and Soccer. In hockey, it is when you score three goals, and in soccer it is when you score three goals.

Really easy way to do tricks on a Tech Deck?

put tape on your fingers and to a flip in the air ( but make sure the pieces of tape are small but not to small) then you can do almost any trick.

What trick does Huck play on Jim?

It is not the dead snake, it is the incident with the fog Huckleaves and tricks Jim saying that he has not left he has been onthe raft the whole time.

Why trick does Huck play on Jim?

The trick that Huck plays on Jim is that he pretends that when he left it was all a dream of Jim and it never really happened.

How do you solve johnny whoops trick?

You solve the Johnny Whoops trick by carefully looking and the persons physical gesture when they complete it. Mimic the gesture the same way that they did. That is how you solve the Johnny Whoops trick.

How are tricks played on your eyes?

Not sure what this has to do with football. The human mind and eye are not perfect recorders of events. The mind attempts to interpret visual stimuli in particular ways and can be fooled. MC Escher for example has some famous paintings where he uses the brain's bad habits to portray impossible scene ( Full Answer )

How do you play a trick on your sister?

if she has something locked and u can get hold of the keys or what ever u could take every thing out and hide it at night sneak into her bedroom put a toy animal spiders,lizards,ants,bat or mice

What are some easy tricks to do off a diving board?

Dive - If you don't know what this is, take a couple steps back off the board. (:. Cannonball - Tuck you legs in so they're pressing against your chest and stay that way till you hit the water. Pencil Drop - Take a couple steps, jump, and keep your body totally straight for ultimate depth. Jack ( Full Answer )

Is there a easy trick on catching Mewtwo easily?

Well you have to get mewtwo's hp to 1 and then throw twelve ultra balls. If it didn't catch Mewtwo yet either heal your pokemon's hp or keep on switching it. Then make sure it heals with recover all the way to 1 above it whole hp then throw a ultra ball and do the following:hold a or press it fast a ( Full Answer )

What is an easy card trick?

First U take 2 cards from the top of the deck and make the volunteer think that you only took the 1 from the top. Then you put it back in the pile and only take the top 1 and put it at the bottom of the pile. Then you take the 1 from the top and it appears to be their card.

How do you play a trick on someone?

you can put a bucket of water on the top of the door, when the person opens the door it will fall down and splash he/she in the face. or you can he/she that someone is looking for them and when they're gone, mess up their things. put chemicals in their food.

How do you make easy backdrops for easy plays?

Remember that its the action stage front that is the most important. Backdrops are simply adding atmosphere. If you have a plain wall then hang white cotton sheets against it - use lighting as a down flood in 100% Blue to give a blue sky effect, you can place strategically placed floor floods with g ( Full Answer )

What is a easy trick to multiplication?

an easy way to help you with your twelves multiplication table is to take the number your multiplying and times it by 2. example 6*12, 6*2=12 then add the number your multiplying to the number in the tens place. 12 6 + 72 this works for numbers up to 9

What are some fun and easy tricks to decorate Halloween cupcakes?

Orange frosting and chocolate chips for jack-o-lantern facial features brings back childhood memories. White icing with decorator icing forming a cobweb. A spider could be fashioned out of black licorice for legs and a gumdrop. Marshmallows toothpicked in a stack and dots for eyes could become a gho ( Full Answer )

What is a easy coin magic trick?

First put the penny in your hand then put both elbows behind your head stick the penny your arm keep your elbow folded then show the people your fingers and your mouth then put your thumb in your mouth and fling your thumb out and there you go

Why does your brain play tricks on you?

The human brain in its cognitive process registers form concepts in content information at various level of the matrix domain to embed in fragmented ion charge and recall as semantic content in syntax structured concepts in synthesis of the ionic levels in the neural matrix.The dimensions of the con ( Full Answer )

How can you stop kallikantzori play tricks?

after the change to the gregorian calendar in Greece at 1924 Greeks say that the καλικάτζαροι - kalikatzari (Christmas trolls) stopped coming to trick people because the days that the trolls were coming were blessed days (Christmas is earlier than it was) so the t ( Full Answer )

Is it easy to play the baritone saxophone?

It's not hard, but I suggest playing a tenor saxophone first. ~~~ DO NOT PLAY TENOR SAX FIRST! It is in a different key! BARI SAX IS REALLY EASY FOR YOU TO PLAY! But if you want to play another saxophone first, if any, you should play Alto! Because they are both in the key of E-flat! Tenor sax ( Full Answer )

Who does Lisa kudrow play in easy a?

She plays Mrs. Griffith, the school counselor who is also married to Olive's favorite teacher, Mr. Griffith. (Thomas Hayden Church). She plays an important yet relatively small role in the film.

Is the tuba easy to play?

In my opinion, yes they are easy to play and I have a physical disability.

How do you do the trick play dead in Nintendogs?

when you click on your dog on the menu something like a paper should show up there it says tricks but to unlock the play dead you have to wait about three days if its not there already

Is playing piano easy?

piano is one of the more difficult interments to play; reason being, there are so many keys that each finger is 'responsible' for and you MUST have very good motor skills in your hands AND feet. Human aptitude varies quite a bit. Some people find it easy to play the piano and some people find it to ( Full Answer )

What are some easy smoking tricks?

There are many different smoking tricks to try. It all depends on the patience of the smoker. A few easy smoking tricks include the French Inhale and the Snap. The French Inhale involves letting the smoke billow from the mouth and inhaling the released smoke through the nostrils. The Snap is simply ( Full Answer )

What is the trick to playing the clarinet well?

im not sure if their is a trick other than practice!!! i have been playong clarinet for almost a year and i practice alot and i find it easy but some ppl i know dont really practice and suck:p sooooo..... PRACTICE PRACICE PRACTICE!!!

What are some easy tricks for bmx?

There's some really simple tricks such as bunny hopping, riding wheelie's, 180s,and 360s but those last ones take some practice but there really easy when you learn them.

Why does your mind play tricks?

Your mind doesn't "play tricks" like a person would do to their friends on April fools day. What your mind does do is try to make sense of the world around you and make sense of things out of what information it is given. For example people see faces in all kinds of blobs and photos. This is known ( Full Answer )

What are some easy magic tricks for children?

There are many easy magic tricks for children to learn. They include the magnetic pencil, the rubber pencil, jumping paper clips and jumper rubberband.

What are the names of some easy card trick books for beginners?

101 Amazing Card Tricks, The Royal Road to Card Magic, Card Tricks for Beginners and Easy To Do Card Tricks For Children'' are some great card trick books with basic card tricks for beginners. They are all available from Amazon.