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Yes, i think he does

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Q: Why was my ex talking to me while smiling giggling staring at me and blushing does that mean he has feelings for me?
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Why is the person sitting beside you staring at you?

If they are staring and smiling, it could indicate that they are attracted to you.

How do you know when a guy loves you romantically?

You don't but a few signs that he might is . staring at you. talking about you. blushing. going all quiet when he sees you. asking you about yourself. giggling around you. and not speaking proply around you and i know because there is this guy that told me he likes me and he does all these things around me. Good luck!

How can you tell if a girl you have been talking to for a few months just wants to be friends or something more?

first if she likes you she would be staring at you every couple secounds also look to see if she is smiling or blushing .if she is doing all of these, then you could confront her and tell her your fellings and if that work out youll have a new girl friend.

What are sure signs of interest?

Butterflies, sweaty palms, blushing, feeling hot, day dreaming, smiling without awareness, stiffness,silly slip-ups, chatter box, staring, and being overly peppy. You may not have all of the symptoms, (lol), but even just a few of these are sure fire of being interested.

What are the hints to look for that a girl has a crush on you?

staring, giggling, stalking, wierd talking, talking to your friends and not u these are all signs coming from a girl.

If a guy you like looks at you in math class and you catch him staring and he turns away blushing does that mean he likes you?

i think someone has a crush

Is he flirting at all?

Well , it depends . Is he still smiling at you ? Is he staring at you ? Does he make you laugh a lot ? Does talk to you a lot ?

Does a girl like you by staring or smiling?

yes, most of the time and if you like her ask her out on a date see what happens

If you look at a girl and she looks at you then you look around and back at her and she is still staring at you then does she like you?

only if she has a happy face or smiling

How do you know if a girl want to out with a guy?

It depends. If shes the 'hopeless romantic' person, she stares alot, like everytime you turn to her she'd be staring (which is creepy, but shes probably just daydreaming about being with you). If shes the 'who you go out wid?' kinda person, she'd just be smiling and giggling all the time. You'd know because she would even giggle at the stupiest reasons.

What does it mean when a friend sees the guy you like staring at you and smiling and watching you when you don't even know he is?

ignore and mind your business

How to find out if a guy likes you If he knows?

They could now if they like you bye always staring at you and smiling at you to make you now that they like you.