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Why was the Civil War given that name?

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The Civil war was given that name because it was a battle for civil rights...

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A Northerner who sympathized with the South in the Civil War was known as a Copperhead.

The conflict of the US Civil War is referred to in Southern histories as "The War of the Rebellion", and otherwise frequently as "The War Between the States".

ANSWER It was given during the Civil War, after the Battle of Gettysburg from which it was called.

It depends on the 'she' you refer to? More information (and clarity) is needed!

The Union was the name given to the states that remained loyal in the Civil War. Before the war, these had no special significance as a group. All states simply belonged to the USA.

The official name of the American Civil War is the "War of the Rebellion"

Confederate army was the name. They were also called Rebels too.

Carpetbaggers got their name because of the carpet bags they carried with them. It was a name given to a northerner who moved south after the Civil War.

The Union was the name given to that part of the United States that had not joined the Confederacy.

The civil war was the name of the war?

The name of American Civil War given by both the Southern and Northern are as below: Northern: War of the Rebellion, Southern: War for Southern Independence, War of Northern Aggression, Freedom War

the name Cavaliers was used by the Paliamentrians for the Parliamentrians for the Royal supporters of Charles l during the Civil War 1642 - 1651

The black codes were southern laws passed after the US Civil War which were designed to restrict freed blacks' activity.

ok the civil war was named civil war because it was a civilization and it was a war between slavery

Do you mean the Spanish Civil War or the American Civil War?

Overland - the name given to Grant's campaign of May 1864.

The Reconstruction Era describes the time just after the civil war when the US was reconciling the north and south. Additional reading at the link below.

A nickname given by the North to a Southern soldier in the Civil War.

For the US Civil War, it was called the "War of Rebellion"; hence the name Rebels. Also Lincoln's War.

Civil War doctors would've probably given a victim of erysipelas calomel.

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