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because some clever person got bored, and they must have been very clever and thought "hey, let's make something called the internet and then we can get people to make all of these social networking sites and then we can waste people's lives away" (bebo was the best) :)

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โˆ™ 2012-05-22 09:42:43
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Q: Why was the Internet made?
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When was the Internet made?

The internet was made in 1969, but not as we know it today.

What was the internet originally made to do?

Internet was originally made by Charles Babbage who also created the first computer, he made the internet for math

In what year was the internet made?

how do u know all this information and when was the the internet made

Where was YouTube made?

It was made it was made on the Internet

Who discovered Internet Explorer?

Programs are not discovered but made. Internet Explorer was made by Windows.

What is the internet made up of?


Who made internet explorer?

Internet Explorer is part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, and is made by Microsoft.

Which contry made the internet?

No countrie was made on the internet you fool And ps Happy birthday :)

Can there be a second Internet made that is completely separate of the current Internet?

no there can not the whole point of a computer is the internet

Why did they made the Internet?

They had made the internet because people was tired of looking in the encyclopedia bak in the 1983. The internet was an idea whose time had come.

When was the internet made commercially available?

The internet was made comercially advalibe in 1992 with a servace provider called Delphini

Why internet is useful for student?

The internet has made it easier for students and teachers to give out assignments or essays. It also has made a way that teachers can give assignments over the internet.

How games are made in the internet?

There are multiple games on the internet and they are added every day.

How has the internet affected businesses?

The Internet has allowed small businesses to popup all across the internet. The Internet has made it affordable for individuals to start businesses.

Was the internet made in 1969?

Yes it was made by US inteligence

Where can you find what your house made out of?

the internet

Who make Internet?

Al Gore is credited by the media as largely having made Internet.

What are the 10 points on internet?

internet are man made thing which make our work easy

Why is the word Internet capitalized?

the word internet is capitalized because it is a place someone made.

Who is the founder of internet explorer?

Internet Explorer was made and is still updated and advertised by Windows.

Will the Internet make corporations change their business models?

Yes, the internet has provided various platforms that have made corporations change their business models. This is because the internet has made the world a small global village.

Where would it be possible to find hand made shoes on the internet?

It would be possible to find hand made shoes on Ebay on the internet. Another place to look on the internet for hand made shoes would be Kijiji. Many people advertise their home made products for sale on these two sites.

What is the importance of internet in e-commerce?

Internet is the medium that has made E-Commerce possible. Without internet E-Commerce is senseless.

Where was the internet made?

It was made in the U.S.A.(Oh Yeah Go U.S.)

Is a computer made up of two principal components hardware and the Internet?

No. The internet is not a component of a computer.