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The Kindle was purposely invented to help people, so they did not have to turn pages, or hold a big, heavy book in their hands.
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What is a Kindle?

A Kindle is a thin electronic device used to download e-books and some magazines wirelessly and read them. It is manufactured and sold by Amazon.com. Since its first launch a couple of years ago, two more versions of the Kindle e-reader have been released ( Kindle 2 and Kindle DX ), while the ori ( Full Answer )

When was the Kindle invented?

The first Kindle was released in the United States on November 19, 2007 by Jeff Bezos .

Where can you get a kindle?

You can buy the Kindle from Amazon from almost anywhere in the world. In the US, it seems you can also find it in Target stores, and at Best Buy.

When was Amazon's Kindle invented?

Although no website lists the date the Amazon Kindle was invented (Amazon wants to keep this date a complete secret), it's release date is available. It was first sold was on November 19, 2007.

How do you transfer Kindle books from one Kindle to another Kindle?

Well, Amazon doesn't really like people copying books for other kindles. But, you can connect the accounts and can share books. Also, if you want to transfer the books from the kindle 1 to kindle 2, you should just use the same amazon account to transfer the books. Copying the book from the drive in ( Full Answer )

How do you text on a Kindle?

You could send an email message on a kindle but I am not sure about text messaging on it. It sounds like a good idea especially if you just read something interesting and would like to share it with somebody.

Does Kindle have color?

No, right now Kindle doesn't display color. It does have 16 shades of gray, so you're able to see photos and other images. But the new Kindle Fire is in color. You can pre-order it on amazon.com for $199. But it doesn't have built-in 3G like the kindle 3.

Does the Kindle get online?

Yes, the kindle has access to AT&T's international 3g and edge And you can access by Wifi either.

How do you use Kindle?

You can buy e-books in the kindle store from the kindle, and they will download directly onto your e-reader. Then you select the book from your main menu, and start reading!

Why buy a kindle?

well... because you get to read million of books on one small thin compact source, which normally you will have to buy a million thick heavy books costing a lot whereas kindle books are extremly cheap.

Can you get on the Internet with the Kindle?

Yes, you can get on the internet on the Kindle, if you go to the Home, then the Main Menu (Drop Down Menu), and select experimental you will have the option to browse the internet.

Why is an Amazon Kindle called a Kindle?

Well kindle means "to ignite" so I personally belive that the name for the device is symbolism for kindling the mind with knowledge.

Should I get a Kindle?

You should get an iPad, it has iBooks and a kindle app on it so it defeats the kindle fire's purpose. Also, the Apple iPad has a much nicer interface and design.

What can you do on the Amazon Kindle?

Not only can you read books but you can also go on the internet and they are working on being able to play your MP3 to listen to music or podcasts while you read. It is great reading device!

How much is kindle?

It depends which model you want... Kindle - £89 Kindle Touch - £109 Kindle Touch 3G - £169 Kindle Keyboard 3G - £149.00

Who is the Kindle woman?

I think the man and woman voices on the Kindle are computer voices.Not real people. If you are refering to the oman in the ad for theKindle Fire HDX demonstrating the Mayday button, her name is AmyPaffrath but when you actually use the Mayday button you will get atech that is availabe who will appea ( Full Answer )

What can kindle do?

The Kindle Reader can be a relatively economical e-reader this is certainly the epitome of e-readers to check out. The Kindle has all the goodness make fish an digital camera has while still retaining a lot of the main advantages of a genuine book. We have an e-ink screen that provides the look an ( Full Answer )

Why was the Amazon Kindle invented?

As with most other things Jeff Bezos does, the Kindle was probably invented because Bezos saw an unfilled niche in the market and had an idea about a way it could be filled. Historically, Bezos has been good at that, going all the way back to when he realized an Internet bookstore didn't have to wor ( Full Answer )

Can you type on the Kindle?

Yes,You can type on a kindle and kindle 3G. Its touch-screen and has a keyboard. Its like a IPad but on a IPad you can play games but on a kindle you can only read.

How is kindling made?

Kindling is a particular class or category of wood, designated to start fires. In order for wood to be kindling, it must be chopped or split into small, thin pieces that are easy to ignite. The most effective type of kindling is fatwood, which is a natural wood that becomes resin soaked from within ( Full Answer )

What can you do with your Kindle?

You can read books, play games, listen to music, and even browse the web using free 3G. Click on the related link for more info.

Can you get on Facebook with kindle?

Not really. The kindle's experimental web browser is designed to load text only. Even that takes a while. Even if you did manage to load facebook, the page would be very strange with all pictures removed. Since the buttons are also pictures, they would be replaced with links. Facebook is beyon ( Full Answer )

Why is your Kindle frozen?

Kindle works with Embed Java, sometime it fails, Slide Power Button, and hold for 15s it will restart. It also happens when you run out of battery, so make sure you recharge your Kindle.

What is 3G for Kindle?

3G for Kindle is the 3G service, known from smart phones, 3G enables you to have internet wherever you go. So 3G on the Kindle means you can take your Kindle anywhere being able to download book, browse the internet, etc.

What do you do when your kindle freezes?

When a Kindle Fire freezes you automatically shut it down and wait 30 seconds . Then turn it back on and refresh what ever page you was on . I have real life experience with this kind of troubles.

What do you think about the Kindle?

It is a good device to have if you are a dedicated reader. But if you are willling to invest some more money and upgrade it put it to the iPad so you aren't restricted to simply reading book. The iPad let's you do much more. Either way the kindle is sleek, portable, modern, and convenient and doesn' ( Full Answer )

How do you register a Kindle?

You have to make/sign in to an Amazon.com account and provide the necessary information. That way, you are authorized to buy books and have a method for paying for and a device to which the books go to. Go to home>menu (top right)>Settings>Registration.

Does a kindle read to you?

It can, if you go to Aa and select Text-to-Speech. It is not available for all books, but it is for some. It also isn't very good, as it mushes words together, but it is there.

How do you unfreeze a kindle?

First plug the Kindle into an outlet for a few minutes. If it is still unresponsive, move and hold the power switch for ten to twenty seconds.

What does the kindle have?

Simply put, a kindle allows you to download ebooks from Amazon.com and store them in a portable, electronic library. Some Kindles have keyboards and some are touchscreen.

Are kindles in color?

No, currently Kindle is black and white but the new Kindle Color will be released by Amazon on November 21 and is available to pre-order now.

Do you want a Kindle or Kindle 2?

Well considering that there is a kindle 2 i would think it would be upgraded and better so therefore i would pick kindle 2, but i dont want one

How do you get to the kindle store?

Go to amazon.com and under "shop all departments" (at the top right hand side of the screen) go to "kindle" and then "kindle books"

Who is Kindle Jenner?

Kendall Nicole Jenner (born November 3, 1995) is an American socialite, television personality and model. She is featured on the E! reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians along with the rest of her family.

Can you ttrade in your Kindle for a Kindle Fire?

Depending on your Kindle type, generally, you can't trade any Kindle device for a Kindle Fire, unless the two are completely interchangeable. Not only is a Kindle Fire more expensive than any of the others, but even in chances that there are three different styles of Kindle FIres available, nothing ( Full Answer )

Can you trade books from a Kindle to Kindle?

If both of the kindle are registered under your Amazon account then yes you can synchronize the kindles which will trade the books from kindle to kindle.

How you change my Kindle to Jordan's Kindle?

If it's a standard kindle, you should be able to reset the name by navigating to the 'settings' through the main menu and selecting the option for changing the device name. The kindle must be connected to the internet for this to work so that the online registration of the kindle updates at the same ( Full Answer )

What Kindle came after Kindle 3?

To be serious, its kindle 4. its called the 4th gen kindle & the kindle touch, for both were released simultaneously. Announced Sept 28 2011

How do you get your Kindle?

I got my kindle from best buy I have a kindle fire and a regular kindle you can also get them from amzon or if you want a used one from ebay

Where can you trade your Kindle in for a Kindle Fire?

You can't ever trade your Kindle in for a Kindle Fire due to the costs of the two separate types of operating systems being allowed to run on them. A Kindle Fire, is a whole lot more costly than just a regular Kindle (either Paper White or similar).

What does the Kindle Fire has that the Kindle paperwhite?

The Kindle fire is more of a tablet-like eReader. Therefore, the Kindle Fire has apps that the Paperwhite doesn't. Also, the Kindle Fire has a colored screen, while the Paperwhite is purely monochrome. Also, the way things are viewed on a Paperwhite is different. The Paperwhite operates on a differe ( Full Answer )

Where do you get Kindle or Kindle Fire?

You can buy these from store like Best Buy, Walmart, CompUSA, or online at Amazon.com where the different types of kindles are advertised in the middle of the page.

What is a kindle-?

The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-book readers designed andmarketed by Amazon.com. Amazon Kindle devices enable users to shopfor, download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines,blogs, and other digital media via wireless networking.