Why was the Panama Canal built?

The Canal shortened the trip for US ships going from New York and the East Coast to California, which otherwise faced a long and difficult trip around Cape Horn, at the southern tip of South America. The US Navy was able to transit its ships quickly from the Atlantic to the Pacific and back.
The reason the panama canal was built is so ships can get to one place to the other with out having to go around South America. Down below South America waters are rough and ships have sunk!!

President Roosevelt needed a canal to move people, goods, and military ships from the Atlantic to the Pacific quickly however he was unable to start a canal project without the help of the British. President Roosevelt negotiated a treaty called the 'Hay-Pauncefote Treaty' which allowed the U.S. the right to build and control the entire canal. The canal also had to be free and open to all nations and neutral during wars. The treaty negotiated with Colombia for land to build and finish the canal with money.