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The south was not slow to industrialize, they had repaired and industrialized themselves over a matter of a couple of years. Railroads and ships played a big role in the industrialization of the "New South"

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Why has Africa south of the sahra been slow to industrialize?

Reliance on africa economies and too many skilled workers have restricted industrializations

Why has africa south of the sahara been slow to industrialize?

most of the region's countries never developed manufacturing industries to process their natural resources

Proponents of the new south believed that the south should?


What did Henry W Grady want the New South to do?


Why was Russia slow to industrialize?

Because the allens stop them from growing and the allen mother didn't want them too.

How did colonial rule affect Africa south of the Sahara?

It left the nations south of the Sahara struggling to industrialize.

What is a sentence for the word industrialize?

I industrialize.

What positive steps did the south take to industrialize after the civil war?

god is good and he is worthy to be praised.

Why was there a need to modernise in South Korea?

Because the country was devastated by the Korean war and has few natural resources so it had to industrialize.

Why was industry slow in the south?

industry was slow to catch on in the south beause the properties werent known very well

Is industrialize an adjective?

No, it is not. The word "industrialize" is a verb. It means to convert to mass production and the use of complex machinery.

What were the negative effects in the Industrial Revolution?

Southern Farmers became dependant on northern banks because the south didn't industrialize as fast as the north.

What is the job of the industrialist?

to industrialize

Did japan industrialize before European nations and the US?

No, Japan was behind the United States & Europe in its efforts to industrialize.

Who helped Japan industrialize?

The US helped Japan industrialize, in various ways, both before and after WW II.

How did china industrialize?

China began to industrialize in the 1860s due to Correct answer= peasant rebellion and foreign military occupation

Why did the slaves move into the southern colonies?

The north began to industrialize and move away from farming. While farming and plantations expanded greatly within the south.

What country was the last to industrialize?

russia Many historians would disagree and say China of the major countries was the last to industrialize.

What is the name of a slow lemur like creature found in south east Asia?

Slow Loris.

Why economic growth has been slow in past three decades in south Africa?

Why economic growth has been slow in past three decades in south africa?

What is the Root word of industrialize?


What are three things a country need's to industrialize?

Three things a country needs to industrialize are natural resources, labor force, and transportation.

What was the first region to industrialize?

The first region to industrialize following the American Revolution was the state of Massachusetts. A textile mill was built and industrialized in this region.

What was the first Asian country to industrialize?


What country was the first to industrialize?

Great Britain

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