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Why was the US Civil War such a destructive conflict?

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December 10, 2017 4:58PM

Weapon technology had advanced but the commanders still used old

military tactics on the field. Rifles could shoot further and more

accurately than in previous wars. Pistols that fired multiple shots

and repeating rifles came into use in battle for the first time.

Artillery also became more accurate and were more mobile, allowing

them to get closer to the enemy. With the advance in weapons, there

was little advance in treatment of the wounded. Field hospitals had

not been used before the war. Anesthesia and medicines were still

not used to any great extent. More soldiers died in battle. The

largest killer was disease---not combat. This could be attributed

to lack of medical technology, prevention of disease and exposure

to elements. Before the war, the civilian population did not travel

and mingle with other people or other climates. During the war,

people were exposed to diseases that were new to them and to

different climates.

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