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Weapon technology had advanced but the commanders still used old military tactics on the field. Rifles could shoot further and more accurately than in previous wars. Pistols that fired multiple shots and repeating rifles came into use in battle for the first time. Artillery also became more accurate and were more mobile, allowing them to get closer to the enemy. With the advance in weapons, there was little advance in treatment of the wounded. Field hospitals had not been used before the war. Anesthesia and medicines were still not used to any great extent. More soldiers died in battle. The largest killer was disease---not combat. This could be attributed to lack of medical technology, prevention of disease and exposure to elements. Before the war, the civilian population did not travel and mingle with other people or other climates. During the war, people were exposed to diseases that were new to them and to different climates.

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Q: Why was the US Civil War such a destructive conflict?
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Ethnic conflict in the US?

The US Civil War was probably the biggest.

Where were the people in the US Civil War from?

A civil war is an internal conflict with in a single country between parties that disagree. It can be therefore safely assumed that the vast majority of the people in the US civil war were from the US

What are the pros and cons of US Civil War?

One pro of holding the US Civil War was that a conflict got resolved. One con of this war was that many people died.

How was the Revolutionary War similar to the Vietnam conflict?

It wasn't, the US Civil War was more similiar.

Is American civil war capitalized?

American civil war was a clash of economic interest which lasted for your years. To read the full article of the American Civil War Visit:CSS Parho .com

What was popular opinion of the conflict and US involvement in it in Somalia civil war?


What conflict divided the US from 1861-1865?

American Civil War (US Civil War): An undeclared war classified officially by the US Government as the "War of the Rebellion" also sometimes known as the "War between the states."

Why has US involvement in Vietnam been called conflict?

Misinformed people believe un-declared wars aren't real wars; which makes the US Civil War also a "conflict" since the American Civil War was NOT a declared war either.

Was The US Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in American History?

yes it was the bloodiest conflict ever in America history

Was the Civil War in the US?

The US did have a civil war in the 19th century. Many other countries have had civil wars, and some are still in progress even as I type. The Democratic Republic of Congo is still fighting a very destructive civil war, for example, in which millions of people have already died.

What is the name also given to the American Civil War?

The conflict of the US Civil War is referred to in Southern histories as "The War of the Rebellion", and otherwise frequently as "The War Between the States".

What was the most destructive war in us history?

Probably the Civil War was because the most Americans killed in any war was our own Civil War fought between the Northern and Southern states between 1861 - 1865.

Which war resulted in territorial gains for the US that caused sectional conflict in the years leading up to the Civil War?

Mexican War

What Union general led a destructive march to the sea late in 1864 in the US Civil War?

General William T. Sherman.

What was the bloodiest conflict of the US civil war?

The Battle of Gettysburg, July 1 - 3 was the bloodiest battle of the US Civil War. There were over 51,000 casualties in killed, wounded, and missing for both sides combined.

Why did the government call the Vietnam war a conflict?

All wars can be called conflicts. If "anyone" says it's because the war wasn't declared, than they haven't brushed up on their history...the American Civil War (US Civil War), as well as EVERY conflict since WWII has NOT or WAS NOT A DECLARED WAR.

Why was Vietnam considered a conflict?

Dictionary: Do battle; battle or struggle; oppose; collide; etc. The American Civil War (US Civil War) was also an undeclared war. Some folks like to forget that when saying an "undeclared war" is only a conflict. The Second World War was Americas last declared (formal) war.

What was the American armed conflict in which both sides wore flat caps called kepis?

the US civil war

What are examples of how destructive the civil war was to the US?

The best example of the Civil War's destruction is Sherman's March. Sherman was a Union general who destroyed Confederate farms and cities, including Atlanta.

What was the view of US presidents Lincoln and Johnson on the nature of the US Civil War?

Both Presidents Lincoln and Johnson did not view the US Civil War as an armed conflict between separate nations. For them the war was a rebellion and therefore the Union itself never was split apart, simply "strained".

Congress never declared war during what conflict?

WWII was America's last declared war. Prior to WWII, the American Civil War (aka US Civil War) was NOT a declared war. Actually, prior to WWII, the war was called the "Cold War", but was not a declared war.

Why is the conflict in Iraq similar to the conflict in Vietnam?

The US is NOT at war with Iraq. The US was at war with North Vietnam.

What state was the first battle of the Civil War?

It would be fair to say that the first armed conflict that led to the US Civil War was in Charleston, South Carolina. Two reasons standout, one is that US President Lincoln had to believe it was an armed conflict, however, if he thought it was a war, he would not have called for only 75,000 volunteers to enlist for three months. Clearly he expected this rebellion to swiftly be ended and never reach the proportions of a war.

What is worse a Iraq war or civil war?

The civil war was much worse, it was us against us. More people died in the civil war

Does a civil war have to be between two countries?

Generally speaking, a civil war is an armed conflict between two opposing groups seeking to control the government of their own nation. Thus in the 1930's there was a Spanish Civil War where progressives were in battle with fascists to obtain control of Spain.The so-called US Civil War, does not fit that description. In the view of many people that conflict was not a civil war, but a war where one group of states was seeking independence from the nation it had been a part of. Of all the names given to the Civil War, perhaps the best one is the "War Between the States".