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1. Allied Nations at Potsdam Conference and president Truman knew that Japan was close to surrender. 2. Jul, 20, 1945, General Eisenhower advised President Truman that it was not necessary to use atomic bombs to end the war. 3. Jun 27, 1945, Undersecretary of the Navy, Ralph A. Bard stated Japan should have some preliminary warning before the use of atomic bombs, as the US is a great humanitarian nation. His memorandum was disregarded, and he resigned 1 Jul, 1945.

Commonly supported opinion that started from Truman; 1. Over 750,000 (various numbers are spolen, officially, 25,000 to 46,000) Allied soldiers would die. if we didn't drop the bomb, and many times more Japanese would have been killed if we'd continued carpet-bombing the major cities of Japan.

Other factors;

1. the Soviet Union will take Japan after the war, if Japan should make peace with it.

2. the Allied Force needed the Soviet Union to control the Guandong army in Manchuria, but also had to inhibit the its progression.

3. weapon developed with $2 billion and 130,000 people had to be used.

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Q: Why was the atomic bomb neccesary?
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