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Why was the attack on turkey so important to the allied war effort?


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Because they were all able to eat Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

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Turkey was allied with Germany in WWI.

yes Turkey and Germans were allied

Turkey did not join WW2 until the very last moment. Thankfully it stayed out of a European problem. WW1 the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) allied with the Germans.

There has never been a shark attack in Turkey

Austria-Hungary & Turkey

Because they were disgusted by chickens

Turkey considers Israel an enemy and is allied with Iran and Libya.

if the british took turkey they could get masses of supplies to russia thus allowing a combined war effort. also the british french and Russians did not launch the main attack against turkey the main atack was infact commpleted by the A.N.Z.A.C.s

Back then Turkey was known as the Ottoman Empire, and it allied with the Germans.

yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. dog

no, turkey was under attack, not really fighting

I just charged at a male and female turkey vulture and they didn't attack me so I'm going to say no in most cases

Because they want attack Russia first.Maybe after that could happened.

Turkey, Soviet Union and Spain.

Turkey is important for the United States because it is a staple in the American diet. Turkey is full of nutrients that the human body uses to survive.

a turkey vulture will only attack to protect its nest from a threat. if you leave it alone there wont be any problems. there have been reports of large turkey vultures attempting to prey on small children as a source of food

Turkey entered the WW I on the side of Central powers. Turkish forces repelled a joint naval and ground attack by British and French forces in what is known now as Battle of Gallipoli. During the war the Armenian population of Turkey was subjected to so-called relocation which resulted in deaths of around 300,000 to 1500,000 Armenians. Ottoman state was partitioned by allied powers after the war through the Treaty of Sevres. Mustafa Kemal Pasha led a Turkish National Movement against occupying allied forces in Constantinople and Smyrna. After the WW I the Republic of Turkey emerged as the successor of Ottoman empire.

The Germans were apart of the Central Powers and were allied with 2 others Major Powers- the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and Austro-Hungary.

The primary Central Powers were: Germany, Austria-Hungary, & Turkey.

Yes, Germany were allied with Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).

Tourism is an important part of the Turkish economy. Other important industries in Turkey include shipbuilding and the automotive industry.

Gallipolli was an unsuccessful Australian attack in Turkey during WW1.

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