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because bushes are yummy ;D

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Q: Why was the blackberry bush introduced?
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How many pages does The Blackberry Bush have?

The Blackberry Bush has 208 pages.

What is a wild blackberry bush called?

A Wild Blackberry Bush is called a Bramble

When was The Blackberry Bush created?

The Blackberry Bush was created on 2011-07-01.

Where was the blackberry plant first introduced into Australia?

the blackberry was introduced into Australia From Kenya

What part of a blackberry bush stops animals from eating it?

The stems of a blackberry bush covered in thorns.

What is the ISBN of The Blackberry Bush?

The ISBN of The Blackberry Bush is 978-1-60936-116-7.

What is the protective structures of blackberry bush?

Blackberry bushes have thorns.

Bush that begins with the letter b?

Blackberry bush.

Is there such a thing as a black raspberry tree?

No! there is no such thing there is a blackberry bush and a raseberrey bush. But know such thing a blackberry and rasebery tree.

In what year was the blackberry introduced?

The BlackBerry was introduced in 1999, as a two-way radio. The more common BlackBerry phone was released in 2002.

Why was the blackberry plant introduced into Australia?

Like many introduced plants, the blackberry was regarded as an ornamental plant, and was introduced so people could beautify their gardens and properties.

Is a Blackberry Bush an evergreen?


Is blackberry bush a consumer?


What is a prickly blackberry bush called?


Where was the blackberry created?

The BlackBerry was introduced in 1999 by RIM (Research in Motion ) in Canada.

What was the first model of BlackBerry?

The first model of a blackberry was introduced in 1999 as a two-way pager.

How was the blackberry plant introduced to Australia?

The European blackberry was deliberately introduced into Australia in the early to mid 1800s as a horticultural plant. It very quickly spread and established itself as an invasive species.

When was the Himalayan blackberry introduced to Washington State?


When was the BlackBerry Curve designed?

It was introduced in May 2007.

Can you plant a blackberry bush in the fall in zone 7?

no you can't

When were blackberry plants introduced to Australia?

early 1800's

Which company introduced the Blackberry?

By the canadian research in motion (RIM)

When was the blackberry bold 9000 introduced?

Over 4 Years Ago..

How does blackberry bush adaptation help them?

it helps bymakingsthem grow and survive

Why were blackberries introduced to Australia?

Homesick English settlers introduced the blackberry for the berries and, as with so many of Australia's pests, the reminder of home.