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because it tells us what is happening in the world and its entertaining

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What is the most important information and communication technologies invention?


What lead to the invention of television?

The invention of radio led to the invention of the tv.

Why is the television an important invention?

a television is not important but.....its for people and they use it for entertainment and for money but for me......nah its so expensive i buy and original television.....................................................................i hope you like my answer,,,thank you :D

What other invention did Edwin belin make beside the tv?

Edwin Belin invented a scanning device in 1922 that was the precursor to the modern television. This was Edwin's only invention, but it was an important one.

Which leadership characteristic became more important after the invention of television?

Answer this question… Personal charisma

What is the most important invention in US history?

Possibly the light bulb or maybe the trampoline. The light bulb IS the most important invention in history. If it wasn't for it, we would still be watching TV by candle light!!

Why do you think television is a top modern invention?

Television is important because people like to be entertain. Since television allows them to be entertained in the comfort of their homes, it is a popular option.

How did the TV invention improve daily life?

To watch important stuff like the weather and also the news

Is the television a good invention?

This is the best invention because it is big.

How did the invention of the television set affect society?

the invention of the television set affect to society by not letrting them advertise on newspapers

What are the most important thing about the invention of the laptop?

laptop portability is the most important invention

Why was the invention of the compass so important?

The compass was an important invention because people knew where they were going !

What is an important invention to the Sumerians?

The Sumerians most important invention is a type of writing called Cuneiform.

What invention did the Sumerians invent that was very important?

The wheel invention

How successful was tv invention?

Very! :)

Where was the first invention made?

the television

Why is a satellite an important invention?

Because gps need them sometimes satellite tv even a mobile phone needs them in remote areas.

In Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH what was the rats most important invention?

the most important invention was the plow

Why is the invention television the best invention?

It is very debatable as to whether the television is the best invention of all time. However, some reasons for it being the best invention is that it allows more people to access the news and other forms of important media, and it is an excellent source of entertainment. On the other hand, many argue that the world would be better without the television, as some say that it is causing rising levels of laziness and inactiveness and is putting a huge strain on medical services due to this.

What makes an invention important?

An invention is important due to its expressive creativity point and unique style of idea. An invention can be very useful once created or formed.

What do you think is the worlds MOST important invention?

1. the invention of computers 2. the invention of human kind 3. the invention of inventing!

What was the purpose of Henry Bessemers invention?

Why is Henry Bessemer's invention important?

Which important Chinese invention occurred in 868 AD?

The invention of gunpower :)

Biggest invention of 21st century?

Perhaps the car, telephone, computer, television, or the iPhone. the car, telephone, computer and the tv arent 21st century or important it would have to be a form of medicine

How did the invention of tv affect the world?


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