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Why was the iron invented?

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The iron was invented for the same modern purpose it is used for today. Modern technology has allowed users to control the temperature more accurately than the wood stove-heated original.

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Iron is an ore. It was not invented.

iron was invented in 1882 by Henry W. Seeley

The iron box was invented by Henry W. Seeley. This invention was invented in 1882. The iron box is called the clothes iron now a day!

the first iron plow was invented by apple

The electric iron was invented in 1882 by Henry W. Seeley

Henry W. Seely invented the 1st electric iron

Ancient China had invented the first iron tipped spears.

what do you mean why was a curling iron invented? it was invented cuz we ned it in our lives and most people use it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cyrus McCormickNope Cyrus McCormick invented the reaping machine, and Wood invented the iron plow.

The first item to resemble a flat iron was invented by Erica Feldman. However, the first patented flat iron was invented by Isaac K. Shero.

it was invented to smooth clothes out.

Well recently it was invented by a woman who works for Apple, hence the name iRon.

Madam C.J. Walker invented the flat iron which was originally called the hair straightener but now is called the flat iron

The iron was made by Henry Seeley in 1882. :)

The oldest known Iron Cookstove was invented in 1450 in France, by Franklin Stove.

The cast iron stove was invented in 1732 by genevive Washington in London, England

The iron plow was invented in the Zhou Dynasty. The farmers back then, bought iron plows and hooked them on to the farmers horses. Then the farmers had the horses pull the plow and them. The iron plow was invented between 1000 and 1028 BC.

who invented the first iron box

Farouk Shami invented it.

Henry Cort invented electric heating iron and iron bars and there is no known date to when he invented them

Tony Stark who is the Iron Man

Iron is a natural mineral, It cant be invented

If you mean a suit of armor, it was invented to protect the wearer from enemy weapons. If you mean the clothes iron, it was invented to smooth out wrinkles after the clothes were washed.

someone invented it but i dont know who... XD