Why was the name Brussels given to the capital of Belgium?

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The name Brussels is the English name for the Belgian capital. In Brussels, two languages are spoken, Dutch and French. The French name is Bruxelles but you really want to take a look at the city's original name: Brussel, which is the Dutch name. Brussel is an evolution of the word "Broekzele", the old name of the city. You can still notice the "kz" combination in the French name. The word Broekzele is a combination of Broek, which means "marsh", and "zele" which means village. So the literal translation of Brussels is "Village in the marsh". When Brussels was founded more then a 1000 years ago, it was indeed in a place full of marsh, one of the last marsh places to be covered up is now known as the Heysel where you can find the Atomium.
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Are Brussel sprouts grown in Belgium?

Yes they are. The Brussels (or brussels ) sprout ( Brassica oleracea Gemmifera Group) of the Brassicaceaefamily, is a Cultivar group of wild cabbage cultivated for its small (typically 2.5-4 cm (0.98-1.6 in) diameter) leafy green buds, which resemble miniature cabbages. Contents [hide]. ( Full Answer )

How did Belgium get its name?

In Roman times, the region that is now Belgium housed a number of Gallic tribes. The most important would be the Eburones, but the most famous tribe is the Belgae. Julius Caesar put it this way in his "About the Gallic wars": "Omnii Galii, Belgae fortissimi sunt" (of all the Gallic tribes, the Belga ( Full Answer )

What is the main capital of Brussels?

Brussels does not have a main capital, mainly because it's not a country. Brussels is the name of the city which is the capital of the country named Belgium.

What are good names for a brussels griffon?

anything u think would be good 4 1 like say what u like Gizmo is a good name because Brussels Griffons look like the gremlin named gizmo from the movie "Gremilins"

Where does the name Brussels sprouts come from?

A region in the European country of Belgium is the origin of the name Brussels sprouts. Some specialists opine that the vegetable in question found its most famous use in Brussels, the country's national capital and the region's same-named urban center. They also think that the vegetable's use may h ( Full Answer )

Where is a place in Brussels Belgium where you can find a Belgium waffle?

Everywhere in Brussels you can buy waffles. They're called Gaufres Bruxelloises, which stands for Brussels' waffles. Another city in Belgium called Liège, is also famous for it's delicious waffles. They're called Gaufres Liègois, which stands for Liège's waffles. The difference between B ( Full Answer )

Is Luxembourg the capital of Germany or Belgium?

Luxembourg is the capitol of Luxembourg itself. It's a small country located between Belgium and Germany. The capitol of Belgium is Brussels and the capitol of Germany is Berlin.

What is the capital of Belgium in Europe?

The capital of Belgium of course is Brussels. To be more precise, it is actually called "Brussel" in its Flemish name, which is its rightful name.. Note that the French derivative name "Bruxelles" reflects its origin : Bruxelles was derived from the Dutch name "Broekzele". "Broek" in Dutch means, l ( Full Answer )

Is brussels the capital of Europe?

Not technically. There is no capital of Europe, as Europe isn't a country, it's a continent. However due to the large numbers of Europe wide institutions, it could be argued that Brussels is the de facto capital of the Europe union as it houses the European commission, the European council and the s ( Full Answer )

Is Brussels a national state capital?

Yes, Brussels is the national capital of Belgium and also the capital of the European Union and holds the headquarters of the NATO alliance.

When did Brussels become the capital of Belgium?

Brussels began gaining influence on Belgium's first capital Malines in the 16th century and in the 17th century it would become the governments seat. A position held until now.

What is christimas like in Brussel Belgium?

Christmas in Belgium is festive, there are Christmas Markets and Bazaars. If you can stand a roadtrip then go see the christmas markets in Germany. Not to mention the Snow!

What are the capital resources of Belgium?

engineering and metal products, motor vehicle assembly, transportation equipment, scientific instruments, processed food and beverages, chemicals, basic metals, textiles, glass, petroleum . Just kidding.

What languages are spoken in Brussels Belgium?

Originally it was entirely Flemmish. Now it is a combination of French speakers and Flemmish speakers. There are also Dutch speakers. There are 2 official languages : Dutch and French. Other languages are (of course) also spoken, since it it the HQ of Europe. Brussels is bilingual, French and Flemi ( Full Answer )

Who named Belgium?

Belgium was named after the Belgae, a group of tribes living in the region in Roman times.

What was the name given to the first capital of Trinidad?

The Spanish governor who made the most significant impression on Trinidad was Don Jos6 Marla Chacon, after whom the island's national flower, the Chaconia, has been named. Arriving in 1784, Chacon was an astute administrator who settled many land disputes, declared Port of Spain the new capital (dep ( Full Answer )

What is the time difference between Brussels in Belgium and Chicago?

From the second Sunday of March until the last Sunday of March and from the last Sunday of October until the first Sunday of November, Belgium is six hours ahead of Illinois. During the remaining 93% of the year, Belgium is seven hours ahead of Illinois.

What is the name of the country for whose capital Brussels sprouts are called?

Belgium is the country for whose capital Brusselssprouts are called. Specifically, the vegetable in question ( Brassicaoleracea ) is known worldwide because of initial popularity inBrussels, Belgium. Its ancestors may have existed as long ago asancient Rome. But this particular cultivar of the Gem ( Full Answer )

What is the name of airpost in brussels belgium?

This airport is situated to the north of Brussels. They call it the Airport of Zaventem (named after the city it is located in). For "commercial" purposes, it is also called "Brussels International".