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I personally think that the radio is important because if a captain or someone on a ship needed to get ahold of someone because, say the ship was sinking they would need to get ahold of someone. and i think thats why!

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Why is the radio important?

the radio is important because you can listen to news reports, entertain yourself, and communicate through it.

Is The Radio Important?

Yes, the radio is important.It is important because it gives us very much information, and now, gives us entertainment.

HOW important is radio to you for information and news?

To me, it's very important. ALL of my news comes from radio and newspapers, in roughly equl quantities.

Why was the radio an important propaganda tool for the Nazi?

Radio reached into most German homes .

Why is radio important?

So the human population can listen to music or entertain on the road or at home. Radio is still an important source for news and information.

Why are Radio Waves important?

Because they just are

Why is the radio important today?

id k

Why the radio important today?

because it has music

What are the effects of radio communication to human lives?

Back during when the radio came out it was the most helpfullest thing espically during all of the wars that was going on. So the radio was really Important and still is important up to this day.

What was Guglielmo Marconi's most important invention?

the radio

Why was Guglielmo Marconi important?

Marconi invented radio.

What important quality does the ionosphere have?

bouncing radio signals

Why was radio station important?

The raido is important because you need to know whats going on with fishermen....

Why is the ionosphere important for communications?

It is what radio waves bounce off of.

What special layer of the atmosphere is important the radio operators?

The Ionosphere

What important quality does the ionosphere?

ionosphere reflects radio waves.

What layer of atmosphere is important to radio broad casting?


Why is a news paper important?

news paper is important to know the news by a news letter ..not on television or radio

What is the function of the ionosphere?

Electrically charged gas particle, Ionizeed, to help the transmition of radio wave. This is especially important for AM Radio Station

How do you remove the radio from a 1989 tercel?

I think the more important question is, why would you want to bother removing the radio from a 1989 tercel?

What radio personality was important to early rock and roll?

Alan Freed.

Why are radio telescopes important in astronomy?

it can travel farther and has low frequency!:)

Radio telescopes are important in astronomy because?

They can detect cool Hydrogen gas

What was the most important technology contributing to the development of mass culture in the 1920s?

The radio

What was the golden age of radio?

The golden age of radio was the 1940's, which was before television took over as the most important mass communication medium.