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Because Every series has to end eventually that's just like you saying why did they end Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek the Origianl Series.

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What is a series finale?

A series finale is the last or final episode of a television program.

In skins series 3 do Freddie and effy finally get together?

Yes they do!!! They get together in the series 3 finale titled "Finale".

When is the series finale of suite life on deck?

The series finale called "Graduation" aired in the US on the 6th of May, 2011

What is the difference between a series and season finale?

A series is a collection of seasons from a show. Ex. Degrassi and The Hills are both a TV Series.A season finale is the last season of a show.

When will the series finale of Phineas and Ferb be?

So far it has not been decided when Phineas and Ferb will end, so a series finale has not been scheduled yet.

How many people viewed the Seinfeld series finale?

The final two episodes had an audience of 76 million people. It was the third highest series finale in the US.

What are the release dates for Attack of the Show - 2005 Series Finale?

Attack of the Show - 2005 Series Finale was released on: USA: 23 January 2013

What happens to Sunnydale in the series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

In the series finale Sunnydale is sucked into the Hellmouth. The Hellmouth collapses and takes Sunnydale with it, since it sits on top of it.

What are the release dates for X-Play - 2003 Series Finale?

X-Play - 2003 Series Finale was released on: USA: 23 January 2013

What is the girlfriends episode when darnell finds out Maya cheated?

It is the season finale episode of season 2 entitled "into the woods"

What are the release dates for Fox Sports News - 1996 Series Finale?

Fox Sports News - 1996 Series Finale was released on: USA: 10 February 2002

When was the Gilmore Girl finale?

The series finale of Gilmore Girls was "Bon Voyage" and it originally aired on May 15, 2007.

Who kills monks wife?

we'll find out in the series finale

What happened in The Nanny's series finale?

Fran & Maxwell had their twins.

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