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Wrong: Hundreds of Allied aircraft, from the RAF, RCAF, and the USAAF, were assigned to patrol the beaches ( note proper spelling of beach ) during and after the JUNE 6th landings on the Normandy coast of France. These included fighters, and bombers who were tasked with bombing the German rear areas, to knock out bridges and rail lines, to prevent German reinforcements from coming up to the landing beaches. The fighters were being called in by ground controllers to attack specific German resitance points, with rockets and cannon fire, as well as 250 pound bombs. So, yes, there were hundreds of Allied aircraft over the beaches on D-Day. The ones who were all most completely absent were the German air craft. They were nowhere to be seen. The Germans were only able to launch two fighters to attack the Allied troops on Normandy. German ace "Pips" Priller and his wingman flew one straffing mission over the beaches. He related his account in the book "The Longest Day", which was accurately depicted in the movie.

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Q: Why was there no air cover for the troops on the beech for D-Day?
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