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Why were Southerners upset about Californias application to join the Union?


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California is huge and the South wanted California to be part of the Confederacy.

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because they thought that he was going to keep slavery

Because Congress wanted to go for a stricter approach for Southerners to join the union making 50% of all former confederates swear amnesty , as Lincoln only required 10%

The Soviet Union was upset with the western Allied because the invaded North Africa instead of France.

the proviso would upset the balance of power between the north and the south

1. Tariffs made imported goods more expensive for southern farmers.

Because they were trying to take away slavery. Southerners needed slaves their plantations.

They denounced it because the Proviso would upset the balance of power between the north and the south.

California's entrance as a free state would upset the legislative balance in favor of the North. California's entrance as a slave state would upset the legislative balance in favor of the South. California's entrance as a slave state would cause free African Americans there to lose their freedom. California's entrance as a free state would cause enslaved people there to be freed automatically.

the tallmadge amendment would have eventually ended the presence of slavery due to its terms, the southerners, fearing that it would upset the balance of free and slave states in the Senate, opposed it, so it never was passed

Because it would upset the balance between the slave states and the non-slave states in Congress.

Many Southerners believed the tariff regulations hurt them financially. They were viewed as tariffs to protect Northern industries at the expense of Southern consumers. The tariffs made them pay higher costs to buy foreign made products.

By allowing California to join the Union as free soil.

Many Southerners believed that the best way to increase the power of anti-war groups in the North was to win significant battles there in order to discourage continued attacks on the South's attempt at independence. By bringing the war to the North, it was a double attack on the Radical Republicans and War Democrats, who were already upset at Union troop losses in Southern battles, and causing such losses in their own "backyard" so to speak. Another reason was the hope that some of the slave holding Union states would join the Confederacy.

because they were upset wwith the members and money baby

He was teaching evolution in the south-just think about why American Southerners might be upset about teaching evolution. It was against their political and religious beliefs.

One controversial feature of Missouri's admission was that nearly all of the state was north of the line where slavery was supposed to be permitted by a previous agreement. Only a tiny portion ('the bootheel') was south of the slavery line, but the whole state would be admitted as a slave state. This upset northern anti-slavery advocates including Quakers, and encouraged southerners in favor of expanding slavery throughout all the western territories and states.

Because the Supreme Court ruled he was still a slave even though his owner died. The North was upset by that.

Because if California joined as a free state, then there would the North, and so the free states, would have a majority in both the House and more importantly, the Senate. This would allow them to pass anti-slave legislation if they wanted, as long as the President approved it and did not veto.

Lincoln did not have a good reaction when South Carolina left the union. he was angry and upset

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