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The iPod was invented as a lightweight "on the go" Player for different mediums such as pictures, movies and more importantly, music. The original ipods only playing particular types of media really only included music, pictures and video; now with devices such as the ipod touch we can play games, access mail and use the internet with the safari web browzer.

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Q: Why were iPods invented?
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Where they invented the iPods?

The ipod was invented in the USA

Who invented the iPods?


When Were iPods Invented?

They were invented by Noor 2005

What year were ipods invented?


Who invented iPods what is they names?


Was there iPods back then?

The iPod was invented in 2000.

What iPods were out in 1999?

They weren't invented yet.

Who was the guy who invented ipods?

Steve Jobs

When were the first iPods invented?

october 2001in japan

Why was Angry Birds invented?

It was invented to play the game on ipads, ipods, tablets etc.

What toys were invented 2000?

ipods and new phone companies

What are some things that were invented after 1978?

CDs, iPods, MP3s.

Which person invented iPods?

An englishman called Kane Kramer.

What were ipods previously called?

Before iPods were invented we would have played our music on a "Walkman". See related link for more details.

What year was ipods invented?

From 2001 - 2002 although Microsoft is claiming to have invented the iPod interface earlier.

What company INVENTED the iPad?

What company invented the Ipad? Answer: Apple invited all of the Iphones, Ipods, and Ipads.

What was invented since 1993?

Ipods, Blue Ray, HD TV

When were Ipods first invented?

They were first introduced in 2001 in the keynote address.

What wasn't invented in the 18th century?

computers, ipods, iphones, ipads, phones

What all was invented by Thomas Edison?

cell phones, ipods,computers and more

What was the reason of inventing iPods?

the reason Kane kramer invented the iPod because she wanted to

Why Are iPods invented?

so people like you ask stupid questions like this one

What kind of machines were made or invented during the 21st century?

ipods and cell phones

Who invented iPods?

Apple is the original and only producer of the iPod. See the link below.

What did James t Russell invent?

he invented the fist CD. (which no one uses anymore because of ipods)