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Why were minute men important?


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minute men gave the colonists men to fight when there were no more men. Minute men gave the Patriots a great strength and power over Great Britain as they fought to victory.

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because they were the soldiers of the American revolution (on the colonists side) . they basicly consisted of a farmer and a weapon. They were called minute men because it was said that they would be ready to fight in a minute

Minute Men was on the U.S. side.

Minute men are militia men who were able to ready their arms in minutes.

Minute men was on the U.S. side.

Luke Benward plays Charlie Tuttle in Minute Men.

No. The Minute Men did not organize until after Lexington and Concord.

They where called minute men because the actual minute men where not soldiers like others and if called they had to get ready in a "minute"

The Minute Men were called Minute Men because they could be ready in a minute to fight. Source: I live is Boston, I know this stuff.

Because he warned the Minute Men that the Redcoats were coming to seize their arsenal at Concord.

The minute men were men who got dressed very fast. That is why they were called that. it literally came from the fact that they were known to be ready for battle at a minutes notice.

They were patriot soldiers who were ready to fight in the war any minute.

Mintute Men were there and ready for anything at anytime. Thus the reason why they were called 'Minute Men.' They could be ready on a minutes notice. (:

Paul Revere warned the Minute Men that the Redcoats were coming to seize at Concord

they were ready to fight in minutes

The "minute men " were a special units within the general militia. They were more like our rangers or seals of today. The first minute men unit to engage the British was in Concord. We have done a disservice to these brave men by not recognizing them as a special unit in the revolution. Usually the term "minute man" is used to refer to the entire militia and that is not what they were.

Minute Men were the militia of the colonies, or villagers who could be ready to fight within minutes. Hence the name, minute men.

Minute Men... They would be ready to fight in one minute or less.

Minute Men were part of the American Revolutionary Army. They were fighters who could be ready to fight on a moments notice. They died fighting the British forces.

They are not important.

, ages of eighteen and sixty was a member,

In the dictionary would be the best place to find.

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