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Why should people move west?

so they dont have to be forced.

When people are forced to move their movement is called?

involuntary urbanization

What was the main reason why the bantu people were forced to migrate?

the farming techniques used by these people forced them to move every few years.

What is the move that Jagger even does?

he shakes his booty

What is involuntary migration?

involuntary migration= when people are forced to move to diffrene

What are the people called who where forced to move because of the world war 2?


How do the Sioux Indians move to another land when they are forced to?

what are u talking about people

Where were native Americans forced to move?

the native Americans were forced to move back to their homes

What is the difference between forced migration and voluntary migration?

Forced migration is when people are told to move and voluntary is movement upon self-interest.

Where were the Indians forced to move to?

they were forced to moves to Canada

Why did people move to cities away from their farms in the 1800s?

In the 1800s many people were not able to pay for their farms and had them repossessed. This forced them to move into the cities to live and work.

How were native American treated as the us expanded and as people move to the west?

they were treated badly and were forced to move more than once

Five people shake hands with every one how many shakes were there?

25 shakes

Where did the dustbowl first occur?

It occured in the Midwest and forced people to move towards the pacific coast.

In ancient Rome people who could not pay their rent were forced to move out on what day?

July 1

What were many people in Vieques forced to do when the US military took control of a majority of the island?


How did US treat native people?

The U.S. treated them very cruelly and forced them to move out of their homes.

Why do people move from rural to urban areas in South Africa?

They're Poor or Forced To Flee?

Which group of people was forced to leave their ancestral lands and move to reservations?

Most Native Americans.

How did the westward people travel west?

They traveled west on carriages,horse,walking,land,or by water.They traveled west by the commander and they had to move out of their houses because they forced them to ,and the ones that got forced to move were the cherokee nation.

What does an earthquake do to people?

It shakes them up. :)

What president forced the Cherokee Nation to move to the Deep South?

Andrew Jackson forced Indians to move in 1830

Why did the Cherokee call their forced move the Trail of Tears?

so many people dies from hardship on the journey

In what year were the Cheyenne Indians of Colorado forced to move to Oklahoma?

In what year were the Cheyenne Indians of Colorado forced to move to Oklahoma?

Where were Jews forced to move?

to Poland