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Why were pilgrimages so important in the Middle Ages?

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because people thought pilgrimage was a way to say sorry to God if they have commited a sin.

And the medicines were not very developed, by going to pilgrimage, they thought they could be cureed/ healed of their illness

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Whats so important about middle ages and lord and serfs?

What is important about middle ages, lord, and serfs is their interdependence.

Why was religion so important during the middle ages?

Because religion was so important during the Middle Ages, most people owned Bibles.

Why were guilds so important in the middle ages?

i habve no idea

What is another name for the middle ages because religion was so important to the people?

The Middle Ages were also called the Age of Faith.

Why was fuedalism so important in the middle ages?

feudalism was important in the middle ages because it showed weather you were a big part of medieval times.It also showed who was on top and who was at the bottom.

Why was the church in the Middle Ages so powerful?

Religion was very important in the middle ages. there was a church in the middle of every village and religion effected all aspects of life.

When were swords an important part in middle ages?

because god said so

Why was art and architecture important in the middle ages?

it was popular so they needed it to get famous

Why was it important to be self sufficient in the middle ages?

it is important to be self sufficient so other people do not have to do your work

Why was it so important to follow the traditions in the middle ages?

because at the middle age you can differentiate between good and bad.

Why was the revival of trade so important in middle ages?

it was so important because there was a surplus of food, many villages, and many people.

Why was religion so important to the middle ages?

because people was scxared that the devil would kill them

Why is the cutlery so important in the middle ages?

Germany & England Have Been Well Known For Their Cutlery

Why is the yeoman the middle ages so sun-tanned?

Why is the yeoman in the middle ages so sun tanned

Why were vikings so important in the Middle Ages?

wrote by a really ugly virgin no: they basically cause feudalism to start! they were VERY important

Why did castles stop being so important at the end of the middle ages?

beacause it was the start of the war of the roses

Whats so important about middle ages?

Middle age is the age of discovery. It is the age between modern period, medieval period and antiquity.

Why was sandwich so important in medieval times?

The sandwich wasn't invented until the 1700's by the Earl of Sandwich, so it wasn't important in the middle ages.

Why was religion important in middle ages?

it is important, because poor people needed help and so the churches can help them become one of them to be protected

Why was cottages so smokey in the middle ages?

because they used wood smoke as a deorderant in the middle ages

Did Middle ages people live with their animals?

well we are middle ages people! so how do we live with our animals?

What role did geography play in the development of the middle ages?

Geography was important in the Middle Ages because they helped make maps and people who sailed across the oceans needed to where to go so they needed a map of the world.

Were there clocks in the Middle Ages?

People used sundials in the Middle Ages. You can read more about it at the Related Link. Clocks were invented during the Middle Ages, so there were a few, at least.

Did the plague happen during the middle ages?

There were a number of plagues during the Middle Ages. The one you are asking about is most likely the Black Death, which arrived in Europe in 1347 and went on for five years or so. The Black Death was one of the most important events of the Middle Ages and had a profound effect on society. Another important medieval plagues was the Plague of Justinian, in the 6th century.

Why was the church so important for farmers in the middle ages?

because a farmer needed someone to talk to too forgive his sins