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The abuse of slaves was caused by the idea that they were property meant to be treated in any way deemed fit to achieve the highest level of production. They were treated in similar manner to any other pack animal found on a farm.

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Why did blacks slaves get abused by whites?

Because the whites thought they were "superior" to the blacks. So when the slaves didn't want to work, they were abused.

How did the Roman Empire torture the slaves?

they abused there families

How were slave treated?

Slaves Most slaves were abused and mistreated. Slaves were required to do hard labor. Slaves were not treated as people but rather as property.

Did Hammurabi have slaves?

yes hammurabi had many slaves. He didn't traet them well though. he abused them.

Where slaves abused when they didn't do a job right or was it just all the time they got abused?

slaves were abused all the time whether they didnt do their job right, or even if their owner just didnt like them period! slaves shouldn't have even been a SLAVE in the first place there regular humans just like us

What was the treatment towards African slaves in America?

=== === They were treated as property and abused

How was Harriet Tubman abused as a child?

yes she was .... she was a slave all slaves were

Was Marie laveau a slave owner?

yesand her had abused and killed her slaves then disapears

What is the main occupation of myanmar?

Sadly, a lot of people there are slaves and have been seriously abused.

What where slaves in ancient rome like?

Slaves in Ancient Rome were treated much better than in Greece. Roman Slaves were sometimes Part of the family but other times they were abused and beaten.

Did slaves get abused?

Yes, Slaves got abused often for either running away, back talking, not working or slacking. It was a form of punishment for the slaves and sometimes abuse took many forms, like whipping, burns, brandings, no food, no drink, mutilated, have limbs cut off, tortured, and murdered(sometimes but not that often).

How did Mayans use slaves?

they were abused with cyber bullying and getting books knocked out of their hands in the school library

Was slavery by Africans racist?

Yes it was. Because back then only slaves were brought from Africa and they were only black. And whites were not slaves and abused the slaves but the whites had way more respect then the African slaves.I hope this helped!

What did slave owners keep there slaves from doing?

Slaves owners deprived their slaves of the many things we, today, take for granted. Slaves were not allowed education, they were not allowed to go out how and when they wanted, they were not allowed to vote, they were not allowed to compain when they are abused, and slaves were not allowed to sleep in bed and wear proper clothing.

How were slaves treated badly in Sparta?

Slaves were not allowed to be citizens. They were beaten and abused whenever they did something wrong. They generally came from other lands that the Spartans had conquered, and were forced to work for the Spartans.

How did white plantation owners think of slaves?

Owners thought of slaves as property that could be used (or abused) as they saw fit. How individual plantation owners thought of their slaves in terms of their humanity, would be as varied as the personalities and integrity of those owners was.

How did slaves live while working for slave owners?

Slaves did live while working. However, their life was miserable. Slaves did not wear proper clothing, they did not eat enough, they were forced to work and give their wages back to their owners, they were brutally abused and bloodly beaten. slaves had no right to education, no free labor, and many were depressed. Slaves had no bed to sleep in. female slaves were raped to give birth to mulattos==who were considered slaves as well.

Did slaves get bought just to be punished why?

Slaves got bought in order to perform cheep labor. Many slave holders saw slavery as a "necessary evil," but in order to keep up with mass production, they had to purchase many slaves to do such things as cultivate their crops. Most of the slaves were abused in order to be forced into working.

Why are some slaves forced to work and others not?

There is such a thing as sexual slavery, and that does not necessarily involve work as such. Slaves are always abused in some manner, however; the purpose of slavery is to force people to do things that they would not otherwise do.

Why were roman slaves treated bad?

They were treated badly only if they acted badly. Of course, there was always the cruel master stories and some of them were true, but for the majority of slaves, their life was fairly good especially if they were domestic slaves. However they were still slaves and still had to comply with the will of their masters, no matter what. The slaves who worked on the large farms did not have the advantages of the city slaves and at times they were abused by overseers who were former slaves or slaves who were in charge. However laws were passed for their humane treatment, and for the amount of food and clothing they were to receive.

Why did people in Egypt live a better life then those in other ancient civilizations?

That is not too really. The first codified system was written by King Hammurabi of the Babylonian Empire. This code had laws concerning the treatment of slaves. For the first time, a code of laws was just for all the people of the Empire. The Egyptians in the other hand, abused the slaves and abused the lower class.

How did the Japanese treat conquered people?

As taught by the warrior code of the Japanese (Bushido), they treated conquered peoples as slaves, and prisoners were often abused or killed.

How did they control slaves?

they were controlled with mind games, they were belittled and also they were physically abused. To get a clearer more in depth answer check the e-book Emancipation to Emigration

Were black slaves of white Americans in the slavery times used for sexual purposes?

Yes, many slave girls and women were routinely sexually abused by their masters.

Why were the creoles and mestizos ready to fight for independence?

The Creoles and Mestizos were tired of being slaves and being abused by the White conquerors. Moreover, they were tired of exploitation with no rights.

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