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Why were the Eygptian pyramids important?

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The pyramids were important because they were where the pharohs were buried!

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What are some Eygptian landmarks?

Sphinx & pyramids.

What is the famous eygptian land marks?

Pyramids, Sphynx, the Nile.

What materails are used to build eygptian pyramids?

from the rocks near the nile

What is important about the Eygptian pyramids?

It keeps dead pharoahs bodies in tombs and it may kill you if you mess with the dead pharoah.(p.s.:It also might contain agold and jewels!)

How many rooms did an Ancient Egyptian pyramid have?

the eygptian pyramids dont have rooms they have chambers they have a quenn and kings chamber a workmen exit and a entrance

Why are pyramids were important?

The Pyramids were important because they were tombs for four Pharaohs.

Why are Mayan pyramids important?

The Mayan pyramids were important to the Mayans because it was part of their religion

Why was khufus pyramid important?

his pyramids were the great pyramids of giza

What were important Egyptian pyramids?

giza pyramid and the great pyramids.

Who are pyramids important to?

Pyramids are important to many. First built by Imhotep in ancient Egypt, the pyramids and the Sphinx are evidence of the Egyptians for scientists today. Also the pyramids in Giza is a popular touring spot.

Why were the pyramids an important architectural achievement?

it was important

Why are the pyramids important to Egypt?

The pyramids are important to Egypt because it is part of the history and culture of the country. The pyramids also bring in a lot of tourists, which is good for Egypt's economy.

Why is a pyramids so important?

The pyramids are important because it had their past kings and queens in the pyramids. they made it tall enough so lil Wayne can go on it and sing as loud as possible

Why were pyramids important to Egyptians?

Pyramids were important to he the Egyptians because that is were they let their very precious leader/kings rest in peace.

What did Khufu do important?

He built pyramids

Why were pyramids the most important invention in ancient Egyptian time?

the pyramids were and still is the most important invention in ancient Egyptian time because, the pyramids were made for the kings and pharaoh and in Egyptian times they were the most important people in Egypt.

Was Cleopatra a Eygptian?


Who is the Eygptian God of the underworld?


Which eygptian god of the underworld?


Why were the pyramids important to Egypt?

Well, pyramids were important to Egypt because they held there pharohs and treasures though only King Tut's treasures were found.:D

Why were pyramids important to ancient Egyptians?

Pyramids were important to the ancient egyptians because that is where they sometimes buried and mummified their king. That is also where there kings go to the after life when they are dead.

What are good open ended questions about pyramids?

One good question is: How many types of pyramids are there? Another good question is: Why were pyramids built and what was so important about them?

Why are the Mayan pyramids so important?

they are so important because that was part of their religion

Do people live in pyramids?

No. Pyramids are tombs where kings and other important members of a tribe were preserved after death for worship.

How did the pyramids show the power of the pharaohs?

The pyramids are just big gravestones for the pharohs. They made them to show their wealth and how important they were.

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