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Despite the common mistake that jerry comes from the sound the Ger in the word German makes, Jerry actually refers to the Helmets worn by the Germans during WWI, which to their opponents resembled Chamber Pots, or Jerries.

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The term "Jerries" was a slang or derogatory term used by British soldiers during World War II to refer to German troops. It likely originated as a shortened form of the name "German" and was used as a way to dehumanize the enemy.

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Q: Why were the Germans called Jerries?
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Are Germans called moths?

No, Germans are not called "moths", though they have been called Krauts, Squareheads, Gerries (or Jerries, whichever you prefer), Jackboots, Heinies, Fritzs, Nazis, Boches, and Rhine monkeys.

What were Germans called by the English in World War 2?

Usually "the Jerries", for some reason. I've never heard of a German named, Jerry, Jerome, Gerald... But "the Jerries" they were. Americans called them "krauts", "squareheads", and postwar "herms". ^British called them "Jerries" because of the word German(s), Ger - ries, it you get what i mean.

Is 'Gerries' a nickname?

Jerries was a nickname for Germans in the 1940's

What did we call the Germans in the First World War?

In World War I the British called the Germans Jerry/Jerries although it was more commonly used in world war II.

Were the Germans called 'Jerries' in World War 1 as well as World War 2?

Certainly the French called them the 'Boche' and to the British they were 'Huns'.... I think this is a good Q, which means I don't know the answer !

Why were Germans called Jerrys in World War 2?

Jerry was what the British called the Germans, "Ger"man, "Jer"ry, I think just because it sounded slangy. Some called them the Boche, or the Hun, epithets left over from WWI. Americans called them Krauts, or squareheads.

Why do British people call the Germans jerries?

It is Gerrys, and comes from the Ger part of the word Germany. It is just an informal term and a lot of British people do not use it.

Who where the Jerry's in World War 2?

'Jerries' was British army slang during the second world war for Germans. In the first world war, British soldiers were known as 'Tommies'.

What were the nicknames of soldiers in World War 1?

Germans had many nicknames in the World War I. Most popular nicknames of Germans are as below: Deutsch, Alammani, Boche, Fritz, Heinies, Jerry, Kraut, Nazi, Teutons, Bosche, Bosch, Piefke, Oosterbuur, Preiss, Njemac, Mute, Friedrich, Sakslane, Alboche, Crucco, Tedesco, Mof, Muffe, Poep, Poepenlaand, Fryc, Szwab, Szkop, Pig-Swabian, Robber-neck,

Is 'Gerries' a nickname for Germans?

No, "Gerries" is not a common or widely recognized nickname for Germans. Some common nicknames for Germans include "Krauts" or "Huns."

What did the British soldiers nickname the Germans?

British soldier used the word "Kraut" for the German soldier. This originated during WW1 or earlier. British and Americans serving in Italy called the Germans by the name "Teds" which is short for the Italian name for Germans---"Tedeschi".

What are people from Germany called?

People from Germany are called Germans.