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The Norse gods were worshipped for the same reason any gods were worshipped. Ancient people made up stories to explain what caused natural phenomena like lightning. The simplest explanation is that some powerful but humanlike person is up in the sky throwing the lightning bolts. Then other stories are added to answer other questions like where does he get the lightning bolts, who is he married to, where did he come from, where did people come from, etc. People worshipped these "gods" in the hope that they would not harm the people or that they would have a good hunt or a good harvest or would receive some other benefit.

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Q: Why were the Norse gods worshiped?
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How was hel Norse god worship?

If you're trying to ask how was the Norse goddess Hel worshiped, the answer is "she wasn't." Not all the figures, gods and goddesses from the myths were actually worshiped or honored.

What are the main differences in worship between Aesir and Vanir gods in Norse Mythology?

The Aesir were the main Norse gods, consisting of all the well known gods such as Thor and Odin. The Vanir were nature and fertility gods, and they were not as well respected in Norse mythology. In the way of worship, the Norse people believed their gods were more like mighty beings deserving great respect than they were actual gods. In fact, the Norse believed that their gods could actually die! Due to this, neither the Aesir or the Vanir were actually worshiped, at least not they way most other cultures worshiped their gods, they were just respected, asked for guidance, and sometimes prayed to for help. Both of the races in the Norse Pantheon were treated the same way by the Norse people, although, as I said, the Aesir were slightly more respected.

Who is the Norse god?

The Norse had many gods in their religion. Thor and Odin were major gods for the Norse.

What is the Norse god of scorpions?

Due to a distinct lack of scorpions in the areas that the Norse gods were worshiped no Scorpions made it into the religion itself. At least not that we know of today. Maybe you're thinking of the ancient Egyptian gods? Serket's the goddess of scorpions in that religion.

Are viking gods Norse gods?

Yes, the Vikings were the Norse "pirates".

What did Aztec and Mayan civilizations worship?

They worshiped their Gods. They worshiped their Gods.

Leader of Norse gods?

Odin is generally considered to be the leader of the Norse gods.

Who is the leader of Norse gods?

Odin is generally considered to be the leader of the Norse gods.

What is the general name for the Norse gods?

Norse gods were broken in to Aesir or Vaenir.

Were the Chinese emperors worshiped as gods?

Yes, the Chinese emperors were worshiped as gods.

Race of Norse gods?

There were two races of gods in Norse mythology: Aesir and Vanir.

Does Woden king of the Norse gods mean?

That Woden (Odin) was king of the Norse gods.

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