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They were not colonies and had their own treaties with Britain. Besides it would have been much harder to expand as Canada wanted if they had rights within the Confederation.

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Q: Why were the first nations exluded from Canadian confederation?
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Who was first Canadian- born prime minister after confederation?

John macdonald

Why were First Nations peoples' voices not heard in Canadian Confederation?

They were not British, not a colony. Only after Canada bought Ruperts Land and acquired the Northwest Territories did they "inherit" aboriginal issues and treaties that had to be addressed.

Why were the first nations excluded from Canaidian confederation?

In Canada, the fathers of Confederation did not think of First Nations as citizens of the new country. After Confederation, a special government department was created to decide how the First Nations people should live. Many First Nations were forced to live on reserves. These people were not allowed to vote. If they wanted to vote, they had to leave their reserves & begin living like the Colonists did. This meant they had to farm or move to a city.

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What were the interactions between the settlers and the first nations in the Canadian Shield?


What are some Canadian first nations people?

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What first nations lived in the Canadian Shield?

Dene Suline people lived in the Canadian Shield. They ate caribou and all sorts of animals. They like to travel in big groups and help each other.

What were the conditions for Canadian Confederation?

Sir. Carter Norrish was the first father, and then there was these other 2 no names who weren't important

What is a Canadian status card?

It's an identity card First Nations people are entitled to.

Where do dene suline first nations live?

The Canadian shield region and the boreal forest.

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