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Q: Why were the threats of secession feared?
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Why were threats of secession feared?

Secession was feared because the government didn't want to break up the union

Why were threats of secession feared in the civil war?

Because the south seceded to form the union. That's the reason there was a civil war.

One of the long term political consequences of the northern victory was?

The end of nullification and secession threats or The final defeat of the southern concept of the constitution a compact of states

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The Republican Party's convention platform did NOT include?


Why did the confederate states of America seceed?

The secession was sparked by the election of Abraham Lincoln in the 1860 elections and the victory of the Republican Party.

When was Secession - band - created?

Secession - band - was created in 1983.

When did Secession - band - end?

Secession - band - ended in 1987.

The formal withdrawal of a state from the union is known as?


When was Vienna Secession created?

Vienna Secession was created in 1897.

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Who was Georgia's governor during secession and how did he feel about secession?

Kevin Gleefure